Help in relation to tablet / notebook purchase

  Preecer 15:49 18 Jun 2018

Hi guys, first time posting here, and I'm afraid I don't have to much of an idea about the specifications of computers. Some time ago now, the family computer gave up the ghost and packed up, and in all honesty all of our internet access occurs on our phones. However I'm looking to purchase, hopefully with your advice, a tablet or notebook. I only require the device for two reasons, firstly to use to transfer photos from my phone to external harddrive, so literally upload them, put them across and then delete. Also we have a young 3 YO who I'd like to download some TV shows on to the device for him to watch on a long plane journey in a couple of months. I don't know much about RAMs etc, so when I see 2RAM or 4RAM etc as well as 32gb, or 64gb etc, I don't have the foggiest on what size I would need. Would one of you kind people be able to advise me on what best I'm looking for. I don't want to break the bank but if I know what I want I'll be half way there. Many thanks in advance. Jim

  Preecer 18:10 19 Jun 2018

Well, you guys were a real help!

  mrcalif 18:34 19 Jun 2018

When I purchase something, especially a large ticket item or just about anything. I do my own research.

I don't come on a public forum and ask. That way I don't get disappointed when the product recommended turns out to be rubbish.

  rdave13 19:14 19 Jun 2018

I tend to agree with mrcalif . Just to put you on your way, though, if thinking of a tablet and Windows then the bare minimum should be 64 GB drive. Larger if possible but then you'll break the bank. There was another thread here about laptops and reconditioned ones. ItZoo was a site mentioned and recommended so I had a look and found this Grade A model, no optical drive and a 12.5" screen with 8gig ram and 256GB SSD , worth a look. Price looks okay for a refurbished machine and should be reasonably fast for browsing etc.

  Preecer 23:32 19 Jun 2018

Mrcalif, what an idiot.

  wee eddie 23:47 19 Jun 2018

Preecer: What you don't appear to appreciate is the few of us have experience of more then the one item, that is the one we have purchased.

So we, as individuals, are not able to give you any advice that is balanced. We either like what we have bought or we don't.

Also, the item we have, will have been bought in the past and will not be the latest Model which, of course, will be different from ours.

Mrcalif is right in his advice, and I would suggest that you eat a little humble pie. In public - here on the Forum

  Archie44 00:27 20 Jun 2018

What i do is if i find something i like even if it has reviews i have look on utube and also at places where i could by the item ie amazon ebuyer etc. I mostly bought my laptops from ebuyer occasionally amazon

Like the others ha e said you have to do your research and have na idea why u want to use a tablet or a notebook. Also what operating system

I use linux but others use windows its all down to personal preference. other s like using apple mac again price etc. u could try and ind a cheap laptop but also is it upgradeable like the ram sticks etc etc. I suggest u go on utunbe to find out about revies on laptops.

remember everyone is different and some think alike

  mrcalif 05:04 20 Jun 2018

Mrcalif, what an idiot.

OK. If your adamant.

Surface Pro 2017 Intel Core I7, 512GB SSD, 16GB Ram. Don't forget the Keyboard and Pen for an additional £250.00. click here Personal Favourite.


  lotvic 11:40 20 Jun 2018

There were a couple of spam posts on 18th and 19th, now removed by FE. I think TS (Thread Starter) first comment probably was referring to their useless spam links.

  lotvic 12:49 21 Jun 2018

Have a read of TechAdvisor reviews, to help decide which will be suitable for your needs click here

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