Help*** Regedit Crashed My Laptop

  RegeditWtf 23:06 02 Nov 2015

All of my application stopped working after I deleted something from regedit so I turn my laptop off and on to see if works and now loads of sybols appeared when I try signing in. can Anyone Help Me?

  onthelimit1 08:45 03 Nov 2015

Best not to fiddle with regedit unless you are absolutely sure of what you're doing! What OS are you using? A system restore may work if you can get into Safe Mode or Advanced Start Up (depending on the OS).

  Secret-Squirrel 08:59 03 Nov 2015

A system restore may work.............

System Restore will work as it replaces the entire Registry with a good copy. For the best possible chance of success one needs to use the version that runs outside of Windows.

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