Help! Recording from tape to Pc/Laptop

  rickf 13:06 04 Aug 2012

I have been trying to record a couple of tapes from my old Goodman's portable tape/Cd/radio device to my pc so I can burn the recordings to Cds. These are recordings of public talks. I have tried Audacity and Cyberlink's Wave Editor but neither has worked. I have used an audio cable plugged into the Headphones output socket from the tape device and the other end into my Pc's input socket. It has not worked.# These are very important public lectures which I want to keep for my research. Any help appreciated. What am I doing wrong? When I started play on the tape device and clicked record in the software it appeared to be recording but nothing seemed to have recorded on playback of the files in my Pc. Help?? OS is Wins 7.

  rickf 14:32 04 Aug 2012


  KRONOS the First 14:52 04 Aug 2012

I needed to do something very similar and got my hands on one of these.Tape to PC. USB connection and worked perfectly.

  eedcam 19:02 04 Aug 2012

Hi firstly you should not need any gadgets other than a straight forward connection twixt player and PC .Yor problemis partially using the headphone socket which can workis not ideal reason being your pc has Line input so the Levels are different .Anyway that aside first thing you need to do is estabilish you can get the material. to the pc and just Play it Can you do that. Forget about recording for the Moment

  rdave13 20:23 04 Aug 2012

rickf, as well as eedcam's good advice check your sound codec. Right click the speaker icon in the notification area and select recording devices.

Right click in the box that opens and tick SHOW DISABLED DEVICES and SHOW DISCONNECTED DEVICES

If you don't have Stereo Mix showing you won't be able to record PC sounds. That means you need to download a new codec.

If you have Realtek HD Audio (check sound properties) then this audio codec/driver might help.

  eedcam 09:32 05 Aug 2012

Rickf apart from all said previously you say they appear to have recorded Did you see this ie as a wave form on the timeline .Also you say the files dont play what files what did you save them as .Wav whichis the default in Audacity or did you just save as a project?

  Terry Brown 09:53 05 Aug 2012

First- Make sure there is sound coming from the Tape recorder.

Plug a direct cable (Normally 3.5mm jack plug both ends), into the speaker or line out of the tape recorder and the microphone or Line in on the computer. Depending on the volume and quality you will have to experiment.

Open up you audio recording software and set to record

Open up Control Panel and select 'Sounds and Audio Devices', Select Advanced to get input selection. Check to make sure MUTE is not ticked, and the Master volume control at not at Zero

Change the selection boxes until you find the one that is best for your machine. When you have the right settings you will see a sound wave on the audio recording program. Adjust volume, so the wave is just within the display and /or the sound line is just touching the red (Normally Green is low and Red is high.)

Close Control Panel


  rickf 10:29 05 Aug 2012

Thanks all for the good suggestions. Yes, it seemed to record as I can see the wave form from the timeline on both software used, however when I clicked on play selecting the wave file, there is no sound. Will try again today and get back.

  rickf 10:48 07 Aug 2012

Still not recording peoperly. I think I need a device with a line out socket? Thanks all

  eedcam 12:58 07 Aug 2012

Hold On Rickf Properly is irrevelant at the moment its either recording or it isnt .Now you have said you have a file showing in the time line ok .Leave that for the Moment you have to ascertain that you can get sound into your pc AND you can hear it Forget recording cna you play sound from you r Tape deck through the PC Using either audacity or whatever Audacity should be set to line in for its input the only problem using the headphone to line method is possible Distortion Now to recording if you have created a wave pattern on the timeline then it has recorded (Not being able to hear it is another kettle of fish) Now in Audacity you need to Export the file for the moment as .WAV Have a think about this for now

  rickf 18:41 07 Aug 2012

Thanks. Just about to go on hols in a couple of days so will get to it when back

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