Help with receiving WiFi connection

  Zeldarawwk 19:54 03 Nov 2013


I live in a relatively remote location and am trying to get an internet connection for my home. Virgin Media, BT, PlusNet etc. are not able to provide a service to me due to this and they are not willing to install a line.

There is a small building with a free WiFi hotspot close-by that serves quite a high-speed connection but unfortunately cannot receive a signal from it when at home.

I contacted the owner of the hotspot and received permission to use any equipment to bring that connection into my home by wireless signals, however am unsure how to do so.

I have a vision as to what I hope is possible, but I doubt it will be. If not, then could anyone please recommend the next best thing to it, as a connection is quite important for me and my family.

As I said previously, I have permission from the connection owner and also would not use it for heavy use (downloading large files etc.).

My vision: Click here for image (the encryption part is not necessary, but is preferable)

Thanks in advanced.

1]: [click here

  lotvic 22:30 04 Nov 2013

This guy used an old Satellite Dish click here

  Secret-Squirrel 09:28 05 Nov 2013

If you're unable to get this issue sorted, then as a last resort, have you considered mobile broadband using a WiFi gadget like this? The top-up charge for 2GB is £13 and the data is available for 30 days.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:30 05 Nov 2013

.......forgot to mention, make sure you use the mobile operator's network coverage checker before you buy just in case the signal is poor where you are.

  HenryF75 16:01 11 Nov 2013

I use a Cantenna and get a signal at 300yards

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