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  Pesala 11:20 22 May 2005

Updated 21/5/2005

These programs can resolve many problems. Check for compatibility before downloading.

DISCLAIMER: Always make backups and set a restore point before installing new software. No guarantee is implied by inclusion on this list. PC Advisor is not responsible for the selection, which is my own.

*** Anti-virus-Privacy-Security ***

Ad-aware (1,504K) click here Removes spyware and data-mining programs.

AVG click here Excellent antivirus with regular updates.

AVAST (6.4Mb) click here Free antivirus

Spybot S&D 1.3 (4.15Mb) click here Removes spyware from your system

Sygate (5,161K) Firewall click here

Zone Alarm (3,633K) click here

*** Font Tools ***

The Font Thing (483K) click here Font Manager

Babel Map (554K + 393K help) click here Unicode character map

Fix Font Folder (344K) click here Fix Fonts Folder locates and fixes font related problems.

Letter Database (Characterset Information) click here

*** Graphics Viewing and Conversion ***

Iconsushi (482K) 32-bit icon extractor/editor

Irfan View 3.95 (856K, plug-ins 4.47 Mbytes) click here Tips and Tutorials click here

Sequoiaview (500K) click here

Serif DrawPlus 4.0 click here Vector Drawing (PhotoPlus6.0, PagePlus SE, WebPlus 6.0, 3DPlus 2.0 also free)

*** System Tools ***

7-zip (920K) click here Best Compression Available

Audacity (2.93Mb + 600K MP3 encoder) click here Sound-recorder, MP3 Editor
click here (Manual-450K)

Atomic Clock Sync (484K) click here

Belarc Advisor (609K) click here System information

Bios Agent (311K) click here Identify your BIOS and other system information.

CCleaner (402K) click here System Cleaner

Chainsaw (104K) click here Splits large files for easier transfer and recombines them with a batch file.

Copernic Desktop Search (2.35 MB) click here Fast File Searching

Directory Printer (1.57Mb) click here (Also requires VBRUN300.DLL (1.2 Mb) which you may already have in your Windows\System directory).

Diskeeper Lite (11.9Mb) click here Defragmentation program.

DupeLocator (85K) click here Finds duplicated files by comparing bytes, ignoring names and dates.

Eraser (2,746K) click here Prevents recovery of deleted files.

Everest (2,711) click here System Diagnostics (=Aida)

ExamDiff (466K) click here File comparison

FTP Commander 7.33 (664K) click here

IZarc (2.1Mb) click here Efficient Archiver.

Jarte (1.39Mb) click here Free Wordpad replacement

Jetlinks (2.49Mb) click here Converts Bookmarks

Mail Washer (1,444K) click here Spam-blocker

Motherboard Monitor (1,736K) click here Monitors temperatures etc.

Note Tab Lite (1,796K) click here Powerful Notepad replacement with spell-check, autocorrect, etc. (Direct D/L)

PrimoPDF (10.2 Mbytes) click here Free PDF Printer

Properties Plus (281K) click here Time/Datestamp editor XP compatible

Sizer (73K) click here Window resizer for website testing

Tclock (190K) click here Enhanced Windows clock and calendar. Simple and neat.

Tiny Spell (547K) click here Freeware spell checker

Tweak UI (111K) click here Adjust Windows Interface settings

Tweak UI 1.33 (113K) click here Some additional tools from Microsoft Developers

Wordweb click here (5.2 Mb) Free Dictionary/Thesaurus

  BH34 11:47 22 May 2005

Good one Pesala

  Pesala 11:53 22 May 2005

click here

A recent addition to my list.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:01 22 May 2005

A lot of work there sourcing and saving that lot.

A lot I wouldn't be without plus some new ones to try.


  Mat2 13:13 22 May 2005

Thanks Pesala for all your work.

Adding to my postings for Ref.

  Pesala 09:10 10 Jun 2005

This free utility is all I need for managing the files on my server. I'm not sure what’s new in this latest update. One can now change the default font used for the display of the directory listings - I'm not sure if one could do that before.

Well worth the 644K download if you need a simple to use FTP program, without all the bells and whistles.

click here

  wots it all about 10:06 10 Jun 2005

Thank you for all that! No doubt will come in useful.

  Pesala 10:10 27 Jun 2005

BTRWizard (714K) click here This free utility quickly search and replaces multiple text or html files to replace one text string with another. Worked fine for me on the first attempt.

Please ignore the other resolved thread. This is the most recent edition of my freeware links. I forgot to update my bookmark.

  Pesala 10:19 27 Jun 2005

click here This utility will make a local copy of a website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kind of program puts a heavy load on the bandwidth for the webhost. Consider carefully whether you really need to use it at all.

However, if you do really need the entire website, it can save a lot of time and effort. I needed a website with 3,858 pages (23 Mbytes). Downloading that lot manually was not an option. With this utility it took about fifteen minutes. Now I can search the site offline and add my own links if necessary.

  sicknote 10:38 27 Jun 2005

Useful to know,will Add to my postings for Ref.

Tks A lot :-))

  Indigo 1 13:24 27 Jun 2005

Thanks Pesala, plenty of useful stuff and some new ones I have not used yet.

Cheers !

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