HELP - READ ME 1st - Freeware Problem Solvers

  Pesala 10:40 24 Jul 2003

These programs are regularly recommended by forum members. They can resolve many of the problems posted on this forum. No doubt other forum regulars will post their own favourite Freeware. Always check for compatibility with your Windows version before downloading.

*** Anti-virus / Privacy/ Security ***

Ad-aware (1,504 K) click here Removes spyware and data-mining programs.

AVG click here Excellent antivirus program with regular updates.

Sygate (5,161 K) Firewall click here

Zone Alarm (3,633 K) click here

*** Font Tools ***

The Font Thing (483 K) click here Font Manager

Babel Map (347 K + 289 K help) click here Unicode character map

Fix Font Folder (344 K) click here Fix Fonts Folder is a utility that locates and fixes font related problems. It scans all installed fonts and checks the integrity of the fonts related part of the registry.

Extended Character Map (13 K) click here

Truetype Explorer (1,616 K) click here Powerful Font Viewer

*** Graphics Viewing and Conversion ***

Irfan View (822 K + 3.4 Mbytes for plug-ins) click here This tiny graphics viewer on steroids does most common tasks faster than bloated Photo-editors. Scan, crop, flip, rotate, convert, resize, recolour, and special effects. No paint, clone, or mask tools though.

*** System Tools ***

Aida (New version 1,851 K) click here System information

Audacity (1,297 K + 373 K MP3 encoder) click here Sound-recorder, MP3 Editor

Atomic Clock Sync (484 K) click here

Belarc Advisor (609 K) click here System information

Cacheman (852 K) click here Memory manager

Diskeeper Lite (10,005 K) click here Defragmentation program that will run in the background, and completes the task more quickly.

File Splitter (290 K) click here

FTP Commander 5.90 (500K) click here

Monitor Tests: Display Calibration click here Monitor Response click here Screen Calibration click here (provided by Huggyg71)

Motherboard Monitor (1,736 K) click here Monitors temperatures etc.

Properties Plus (281 K) click here Time/Datestamp editor XP compatible

RealOne Player (8,282K) click here

SiSoft Sandra (2,880 K) click here More detailed system information

Tiny Spell (547K) click here Freeware spell checker

Tweak UI (111 K) click here Adjust Windows Interface settings

Tweak UI 1.33 (11 3K) click here Some additional tools from Microsoft Developers

Zip Central (845 K) click here Free zip archiver

*** PC Advisor Links ***

More Software Here click here

And Downloads Here click here

Finally - Don't forget to try a Google search

  GroupFC 13:01 24 Jul 2003

Thank you.

Adding to my postings for future reference!

  rawprawn 14:43 24 Jul 2003

Thankyou Pesala, I am following Group FC example

  Audeal 15:55 24 Jul 2003


  Bruce_Lee 16:28 24 Jul 2003

Another excellent privacy/security program is Spybot Search and Destroy which finds several problems that Ad-Aware misses.

  Pesala 16:40 24 Jul 2003

It looks good, and it is Freeware, though I haven't used it myself. If a few others recommend it, I'll add it to my list.
click here to download it from

click here for the Home Page.

  Gaz 25 03:08 25 Jul 2003

I recommend Spybot

and Lavasoft Adaware click here

and also spyware blaster\guard. click here

  Gaz 25 03:10 25 Jul 2003

You should also run the above, great and FREE.

Avast is another great FREE antivirus and well as RAV.

  Gaz 25 03:10 25 Jul 2003

And Antivir

  Gaz 25 03:13 25 Jul 2003

click here for Avast32.

click here for Antivir

click here for RAV

click here Mailwahser is also great.

  AVIDA 05:19 25 Jul 2003

Many thanks for useful links

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