HELP - READ ME 1st - Freeware Problem Solvers

  Pesala 22:28 09 Apr 2003

These programs are regularly recommended by forum members. They can resolve many of the problems posted on this forum. No doubt other forum regulars will post their own favourite Freeware. Always check for compatibility with your Windows version before downloading.

*** Anti-virus / Privacy/ Security ***

Ad-aware (1,504 K) click here Removes spyware and data-mining programs.

AVG click here Excellent antivirus program with regular updates.

Sygate (5,161 K) Firewall click here

Zone Alarm (3,633 K) click here

*** Font Tools ***

The Font Thing (483 K) click here Font Manager

Babel Map (347 K + 289 K help) click here Unicode character map

Extended Character Map (13 K) click here

Truetype Explorer (1,616 K) click here Powerful Font Viewer

*** Graphics Viewing and Conversion ***

Irfan View (822 K + 3.4 Mbytes for plug-ins) click here This tiny graphics viewer on steroids does most common tasks faster than bloated Photo-editors. Scan, crop, flip, rotate, convert, resize, recolour, and special effects. No paint, clone, or mask tools though.

*** System Tools ***

Aida (New version 1,851 K) click here System information

Atomic Clock Sync (484 K) click here

Belarc Advisor (609 K) click here System information

Cacheman (852 K) click here Memory manager

Diskeeper Lite (10,005 K) click here Defragmentation program that will run in the background, and completes the task more quickly.

File Splitter (290 K) click here

Monitor Tests: Display Calibration click here Monitor Response click here Screen Calibration click here (provided by Huggyg71)

Motherboard Monitor (1,736 K) click here Monitors temperatures etc.

RealOne Player (8,282K) click here

SiSoft Sandra (2,880 K) click here More detailed system information

Tweak UI (111 K) click here? Adjust Windows Interface settings

Zip Central (845 K) click here Free zip archiver

*** PC Advisor Links ***

More Software Here click here

And Downloads Here click here

  Fred Titles 10:45 11 Apr 2003

Thread titles like this don't help us very much. You will probably get a quicker response if you describe your problem clearly in a few words:

Windows XP restarts by itself

Hard drive makes clicking noises

Monitor flickers constantly

Problems with my new website

  cracker23 11:43 11 Apr 2003

Thank you.I would like to add OFotoNow from click here brilliant for redeye removal amongst other things.Thanks again,must have taken you quite a while!

  MartinT-B 15:52 11 Apr 2003


  Pesala 11:20 18 Apr 2003

Clicking on Links does not function.

Tarawa40 Fri, 18.04.03 | 03:24

Clicking on any link will not make the jump. Have to manually enter the link in MS Internet Explorer.

Fri, 18.04.03 | 07:32
This should help, Tarawa40. click here

Fri, 18.04.03 | 07:34
If you can't click that link, it's


but take out the space before "support" and paste it into your address bar.

Good thinking MAJ. When you read the question you realise that the questioner cannot click here, so may need a bit more help. Not everyone knows that they can right-click a blue link and copy the address to the clipboard.

  Pesala 20:22 30 Apr 2003

click here for a simple and compact freeware MP3 editor.

  graham√ 20:31 30 Apr 2003

Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject

  Pesala 18:54 05 May 2003

Computers can often turn out to be disappointing, and suppliers are not always as helpful as we would like, but it doesn't help to get angry, least of all with the people you are asking for help.

Consumer related issues should be posted in the Consumer Watch forum, rather than the Help forum. If you type in CAPITAL LETTERS it is like shouting, and your post may well be ignored by would-be helpers. At best they will be less inclined to help you.

Do not urge anyone not to buy from company XYZ. PC Advisor could face legal action if they do not remove your post immediately: click here to read the Site Policy.

  wee eddie 19:05 05 May 2003

I am just making sure that I can access this page in the future

  Pesala 16:39 10 May 2003

No need to SHOUT or post another message. Just add a bit more brief information to clarify your problem, or express it differently. Will people need to know which version of Windows you use, or how much RAM your PC has? If so add a brief note, and your question will rise to the top again.

  Pesala 18:57 13 May 2003

It is always nice to know if a solution worked for you, and which one you thought was best. After replying, you should also tick the checkbox and click on resolved button so that people don't need to check that thread again. You cannot do both of these together, but you can do them in any order. After checking the resolved box, you will no longer receive email notification if someone replies again to your question.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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