HELP - READ ME 1st - Freeware Problem Solvers

  Pesala 16:01 22 Mar 2003

These programs are regularly recommended by forum members. They can resolve many of the problems posted on this forum. No doubt other forum regulars will post their own favourite Freeware. Always check for compatibility with your Windows version before downloading. Some programs have different versions for different Operating Systems.

*** Anti-virus / Privacy/ Security ***

Ad-aware (1,504 K) click here Removes spyware and data-mining programs.

AVG click here Excellent antivirus program with regular updates.

Sygate (5,161 K) Firewall click here

Zone Alarm (3,633 K) click here

*** Disk Defragmenting ***

Diskeeper Lite (10,005 K) click here Defragmentation program that will run in the background, and completes the task more quickly.

*** Disk Space Usage ***

SequoiaView (554K) click here Colourful graphic display of your hard disk space usage, helps you quickly locate the folders or folders that are taking up the most space.

*** Graphics Viewing and Conversion ***

Irfan View (822 K + 3.4 Mbytes for plug-ins) click here This tiny graphics viewer on steroids does most common tasks faster than bloated Photo-editors. Scan, crop, flip, rotate, convert, resize, recolour, and special effects. No paint, clone, or mask tools though.

*** System Tools ***

Aida (1,793 K) click here System information

Atomic Clock Sync (484 K) click here

Belarc Advisor (609 K) click here System information

File Splitter (290 K) click here

Motherboard Monitor (1,736 K) click here Monitors temperatures etc.

SiSoft Sandra (2,880 K) click here More detailed system information

Tweak UI (111 K) click here? Adjust Windows Interface settings

*** File Compression ***

Zip Central (845 K) click here Free zip archiver

*** Font Tools ***

The Font Thing (483 K) click here Font Manager

Babel Map (347 K + 289 K help) click here Unicode character map

Truetype Explorer (1,616 K) click here Powerful Font Viewer

*** Other Freeware ***

Adobe Acrobat Reader (about 8Mbytes) click here

Audacity (1,297 K + 373 K MP3 encoder) click here Sound-recorder, MP3 Editor

Download Express (257 K) click here

Open Office (50,816 K) click here Microsoft Office replacement

Opera (3,328 K + 9,705 Java) click here Fast Browser with integrated email

More Software Here click here

And Downloads Here click here

  bigdamouk 16:11 22 Mar 2003

I know this board doesnt have stickys but could this be pinned to the top........
well done pesala

  Pesala 16:28 22 Mar 2003

Another great way to solve problems is to try a google search. It is amazing what you can find out like this.

A recent problem I had was with a program not found on startup after I installed NTL Broadband. I just typed the name of the program - VTRUCK2.EXE - into Google and immediately found the solution to my problem.

I know you guys (and gals) would have loved to help me out, but Google did the job just as fast.

  Pesala 07:05 24 Mar 2003

Some useful links provided by huggyg71

Monitor Tests (websites) Display click here Monitor Response click here Screen Calibration click here

  Pesala 08:00 25 Mar 2003

To read a previous thread about Cacheman click here

To downoload Cacheman (852 K) click here

  Stuartli 11:12 25 Mar 2003

Using google or even Windows or software's own Help section will, in 90 per cent plus of cases, reveal the solution to a problem.

But if everyone did these simple things the PC Advisor forums would virtually disappear overnight....:-)

  Djohn 11:29 25 Mar 2003

I have to agree with you fully on this. When people come to the forum looking for an answer, it is because they need a more personal touch than what some of the above sites can give.

The information contained in those sites is fine for those who know what they are doing, and what they want to achieve, but many times I have spent hours over a period of days trying to help and encourage people that have already tried these other forms of help, but still need guidance on how to actually do it.

I think that is the reason for this forums existence and success. I don't mind going over the questions again and again, the important thing is to help someone who has a problem and they should feel free to come here and be helped, not sent to another site, that holds "Stock answers". J.

  Pesala 20:54 02 Apr 2003

I know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent Freeware tools out there, but I want to compile a shortlist of the most essential problem solvers. Are there any that you would add, delete, or change from my first post?

  alB 22:18 02 Apr 2003

Here's a nifty little prog..... RZdll Backup,
just the job if you add/remove applications from your PC on a regular basis and accidentally remove a shared DLL, providing you've got an up to date backup, replacing the lost DLL is only a couple of clicks away...alB

click here

  nosmo 17:58 01 Apr 2004


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