Help re wickr me needed please

  babyface815 17:26 14 Oct 2018

I have a samsung galaxy tab 4. A few days ago wickr me brought out an update which only works on android 5 and above. So I'm locked out. I' ve tried downloading with aptoide but it's not worked. Anybody any advice/solution?

  difarn 18:49 14 Oct 2018

Can you uninstall the update and reinstall the previous version?

click here

  babyface815 01:24 15 Oct 2018

Thank you for your help.Unfortunately the download didn't work. I should have made clear that the os on my samsung galaxy tablet is 4.4.4

  wee eddie 01:49 15 Oct 2018

So, you need to get Lollipop or higher on your Tablet for it to work.

I wouldn't rate your chances to highly and if you succeeded it would probably be so slow as to be unplayable

  babyface815 02:46 15 Oct 2018

Thank you for your help anyway. It was kind of you to take the time

  difarn 18:40 15 Oct 2018

Have I misunderstood? Did you try using an earlier version as, according to wickr me, the old version should still work on your tablet.

  babyface815 21:51 15 Oct 2018

I did try using an earlier version but it didn't work unfortunately

  babyface815 22:52 15 Oct 2018

My os ia android 4.4.4 I used APK to download an earlier version the last time wickr me did an update, which was only a few months ago, but it hasn't worked thus time

  wee eddie 09:16 16 Oct 2018

This is a diabolical capitalist trick to get you to buy a new Tablet.

They do it roughly every 3 (to 4) years

  babyface815 14:00 16 Oct 2018

I know :/

  difarn 22:08 16 Oct 2018

Did you follow these instructions when you downloaded and installed the earlier version?

click here

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