Help re-connecting to Broadband after NIC install

  Roadgiant 18:05 25 May 2005

I have 2 Pcs at home the main one (mine) connects to NTL broadband via a USB Modem, the other Pc (my sons) used to connect to the net via a x-over cable to the NIC on my Pc (the host).
A few months ago the built in NIC connection on my host computer stopped working.
I have obtained and installed an internal NIC in my pc as well as tying to use an external USB to Ethernet adaptor.
After installing both devices (on separate occasions) the host computer does not connect to the net coming up with the message:-
"(my home page) could not be found. Please check the name and try again".
Checking network connections (on the USB Modem) says it is connectied.
The only way I can reconnect to the net is removing and doing a system restore to before I installed either of the NIC connections.
It is as if installing either of the NIC options is stopping my broadband connecting even though evrything says it is working.
Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated, thanks in advance RG

  woodchip 18:10 25 May 2005

Have you disabled the broken Ethernet in Device Manager

  Roadgiant 19:19 25 May 2005

Thanks for the fast reply,I have been into device manager,clicked on the ethernet device and selected disable, it now shows device with a red x against it.
I have reinstalled new Ethernet using the USB adapter to adaptor (a lot easier to connect/disconnect), problem is still the same so have had to once again do a system restore to remove USB adapter and recconect to net.RG

  woodchip 19:24 25 May 2005

The Onboard Ethernet would be better if you could disable it in BIOS. It will come under LAN

  Roadgiant 19:35 25 May 2005

If you think it may help I am certainly willing to give it a try, but the onboard ethernet has not been disabled for the last few months and I have been using this Pc on the internet all the time with no problem except the other pc not being able to connect up.RG

  Roadgiant 10:38 26 May 2005

Still not resolved, anyone any suggestions?
Thanks RG

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