Help with Raid controller..........

  alex 08:02 24 Jan 2005

I have an Abit ST6-RAID board, installed winxp pro with sp2. I can not install the raid (hpt 370) driver for it, there is always a yellow mark front of it. I have also downloaded the latest driver from highpoint site, but still is the same. I must add that I had win2k3 on it before and it picked up the driver own its own. Thanks

  recap 10:51 24 Jan 2005

Check in Event Viewer for any errors relating to the installation of the RAID card. If there are any post the Event ID and Source, as these will help to track down a possible resolve.

  recap 10:57 24 Jan 2005

What is your system spec's?

  alex 19:05 24 Jan 2005

No error in event viewer. The spec is
512MB Memory
P3 1GHz

My previous os was 2k3 & there was no problem with it.thanks

  Dorsai 19:49 24 Jan 2005

During the install of XP, you are asked to inset a drivers disk for raid (or SCSSI), if that is where you are trying to install XP. But then IF you don't insert the Drivers disk, Xp fails to install on the Raid array (of SCSSI disk).

So I have to ask, what are you trying to achieve?

Do you have XP on a non-Raid HDD, and wish to use a raid setup for other data, or are you trying to install XP on a raid array? Or perhaps another option i have not mentioned?

  alex 21:12 24 Jan 2005

OK. I have installed the xp on normal IDE port, but have two hdds on raid port ( Not using raid facility, just as extra ide port), then can not install the highpoint driver for it.

  ade.h 21:28 24 Jan 2005

I have a similar Abit/Highpoint combination, and I have found it to be troublesome. However, unless the RAID chip is in some way faulty, it should work eventually. Can you tell me exactly which driver you are trying to use and exactly what chip version your board has? Any drivers from the Highpoint website are for the PCI card versions and won't work with Abit boards. You actually need to get from one of the Abit websites click here or click here Exact links are:

click here for the ST-6 Raid page (listed under discontinued models)click here for BIOS and Drivers; two drivers for the HPT-370 (same as mine) are at the bottom. There are manuals in pdf if you need one, too. Good luck.

  alex 21:41 24 Jan 2005

Is onboard chip (htp370) & also downloaded it from Abit web site.

The chip is not faulty as I use a win2k3 hdd ( mobile rack)on it without any problem.

I have a feeling that if the hdd are attached , win xp picks up the wrong driver

  ade.h 21:51 24 Jan 2005

How are you installing the driver, Alex? When I had to set up RAID for the first time, I found that it's not easy to get XP to accept the driver. When the New Hardware Wizard appears, you have take the most manual route through the options, ie. selecting the location of the driver and ignoring all the driver-signing rubbish and any other warnings about compatibility. Having HDDs attached to the chip won't affect it, but if XP tries to load a driver automatically, you will need to stop it or at least change it manually from the Device Manager.

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