Help put my mind at rest please

  ened 11:42 15 Aug 2017

I have been trying to buy a new laptop. Finally I have found a Lenovo that meets my requirements.

But when it arrived the seal appeared as though it had been peeled off and replaced. This is not necessarily the case and, after all the hassle I have had to reach this stage I want to keep it.

I have contacted Lenovo who have assured me it has not been registered before but I would like to see the history if I can? I am sure there must be some kind of back door which will show how many times a unit has been reset and any other pertinent information.

If anyone can help with this I would be very grateful because, although I am happy with the machine, I do not want to pay such a high price for a second-hand one.

  qwbos 12:08 15 Aug 2017

Not been registered and not been used are two different things altogether. Worst case scenario, it could be a return that's been tampered with by a previous purchaser or possibly been repaired/refurbished, in which case it shouldn't be getting sold as new.

There are certainly things you could do to check previous HDD activity, but, I think if I were in your position and had doubts and felt uncomfortable with the purchase, I'd be returning it and looking elsewhere.

You haven't said where you purchased it from.

  alanrwood 12:28 15 Aug 2017

Yes I agree with qwbos. Simply put, if you have any suspicions then it will niggle you in the future. Return it for refund and buy the same model elsewhere.

  Jollyjohn 12:37 15 Aug 2017

Which seal are you referring to? If it is on the box and it has been in a retail shop then it may have had a security tag put in beside it?

  ened 12:39 15 Aug 2017

I have already had two laptops in the past month. Both had faults.

I do not really want to return this if I am wrong. I am aware that I might be wrong because the seal was stuck down but was corrugated along the gap and then pealed off very easily. If it is legit then it is not fair on the company to return it and further hassle for me.

The company who supplied it are a third party through a major retailer and I know I can return it but it would not be replaced because they are out of stock.

I am pretty certain there is a way of getting into the hidden drives where I could view the history and confirm it one way or another.

  qwbos 12:41 15 Aug 2017

SMART history will tell you about the HDD but nothing else.

  ened 12:41 15 Aug 2017

It has not come from a shop.

  rdave13 13:32 15 Aug 2017

If you're happy to open the registry editor then follow this path, HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters\BootId , dot the decimal base. Mine shows that the machine has rebooted 134 times.

  ened 15:11 15 Aug 2017

Thanks rdave13 If I decide to keep it (I have not yet even turned it on for the 'first' time) I shall get it set up then look at that before personalising it. I am giving myself tonight to make a decision but am inclined to keep it, especially if I get a satisfactory result from your suggestion.

  Pine Man 16:00 15 Aug 2017

To help you make your mind up consider the following.

You bought the laptop and when you went to unpack it you thought that the security seal had been tampered with. So far so good BUT having thought that the seal had been tampered with you went on to open it up, power it up, set it up and start using it!

Nah I don't think so, do you - really?

  ened 16:34 15 Aug 2017

Pine Man I don't get it. What's your point?

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