help protection

  snoopygirl 14:49 06 Oct 2007

hi i run panda plantium protection it is a it all in one internet suite i keeping getting a message coming up saying secruty protecton needs attention can any one help please

  bobbybowls 15:01 06 Oct 2007

Click on the message or on the icon in your task bar and see what needs attention. It probably needs updated.

  snoopygirl 16:13 06 Oct 2007

it happens on certain websites

  snoopygirl 15:15 07 Oct 2007

i still need help with this

  Belatucadrus 15:42 07 Oct 2007

Any ones in particular ?

  snoopygirl 15:51 07 Oct 2007

pc advisor it happen all the time

  snoopygirl 21:52 07 Oct 2007

can any one help on this thanks

  skidzy 21:58 07 Oct 2007

From your panda plantium system tray icon look for a setting that may allow PCA.
Sorry a bit vague but never used Panda.

You may well find Panda is wrongly flagging PCA as a possible security issue,this would mean a false positive finding.

Alternatively,save your license key and reinstall Panda.

  Technotiger 22:02 07 Oct 2007

You probably need to include the PCA site in your Panda security settings somewhere, probably something under the heading of Exceptions or similar and with the option to Add - in this case you are Adding the URL of whichever sites are asking the question - such as www. I left a space on purpose so that it did not show as a link.

I am not familiar with Panda wotsit, but someone else may be, and may be able to advise you exactly.
I am just going by what I do to add exceptions in my Firewall program Sunbelt Pers Firewall.

  Technotiger 22:04 07 Oct 2007

Hi mate - both typing at same time - similar ideas!

  snoopygirl 22:08 07 Oct 2007

hi hows the best way to do this so i might sound thick but i am new to this

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