Help programs won't run on PC.

  The Kestrel 17:03 16 May 2010

Suddenly my PC will not load up any programs and asks for the location of the file needed to run the program. Windows starts normally but then comes up with a long list of start up prorams like AVG and Zonealarm that it cannot open. I cannot also gain access to the internet. The last program to run before this problem suddenly arose was the daily scan by Winaso Optimizer, which seemed to operate normally and repaired 8 errors automatically.

I have tried to go back to a resore point before this happened, but can't gain access to the restore and back up facility on the PC. My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium. Can any one help please?

  rdave13 17:05 16 May 2010

Try going to safe mode; click here and run system restore.

  The Kestrel 17:20 16 May 2010

Hi rdave13, I can get into safe mode, but the PC will not let me run system restore. It keeps coming up with a security warning and when I try to run system restore it tells me that it is from an unknown publisher and loops back to the security warning again.

  rdave13 18:59 16 May 2010

Can you get someone to download two scanner to a usb flash drive,
SAS; click here

Dr Web anitvirus;
click here
Run both in safemode.

  The Kestrel 19:49 16 May 2010


I am running the scans now. Rather than a virus or other malware, I always have AVG, Zonealarm, SAS and Malwarebytes running, I wonder whether a windows file needed to run programs has been deleted or corrupted. I tried to run my Windows DVD to use the repair facility, but cannot get the PC to boot from the DVD. Do you know how I can do this if the scans fail to show up anything?

  rdave13 19:59 16 May 2010

If no rootkit infection, Dr Cureit is pretty good at finding these, then it could be an Optimizer program that's done the damage.
If nothing shows up then I'd run a system file checker.
click here

  The Kestrel 20:28 16 May 2010


SAS ran a full scan and did not find anything. I cannot get Dr Cureit to run, even in safe mode. Tried to run system file checker in normal and safe mode and it would not bring up the command prompt. As with Dr Cureit I kept getting the dialogue box asking if I wished to run it and then warning about the publisher and looping back to the warning again.

  rdave13 20:40 16 May 2010

With system file checker remember that there is a space between sfc and '/' . Otherwise it won't run.

  pompyx 20:44 16 May 2010

Go in to BIOS and set it to Boot from CD drive.

  The Kestrel 20:46 16 May 2010


The problem is that I cannot get the command prompt to appear the dialogue box comes up in place of the command prompt. I have started the PC in safe mode with the command prompt option, but do I delete the text about the C drive etc that is in the command prompt before typing in the sfc /scannow

  The Kestrel 20:50 16 May 2010


I'm not sure how to do this in bios and am worried that I might do some permanent damage. Can you explain how to set the bios to boot from the CD please. I will then go to try this option if rdave13's method fails.

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