Help with programmers software (college essay)

  King Diamond 20:39 30 Jan 2003

Hi all, I have another question on software that I need help with.

This is one of my college questions that I need help with. I have to build a workstation designed for testing software using c++, visual basic (pro edition) and microsoft VBA under a 32bit windows enviroment.

I have built a reletively standard pc with a P4 and jetway 845e motherboard, 512ddr, ati radeon 9000...ect

But software is not really my strong point and I need suggestions.

I need to have the latest version of all programming languages and applications. These must include software tools such as CASE, code libraries, version control software that you would consider useful.

Are there any specific hardware devices that I should give consideration to as well?


  gamesaregood 21:42 30 Jan 2003


I have a AMD Athlon XP 1700+ in a Jetway 266B with 256MB SDRAM is slower than my Duron 700 with an MSI Motherboard. I am talking here about general use such as internet and word not games whic my athlon xp excels in.

What i am saying and that i have learnt the hard way is that a good motherboard can also make a massive differance to the pc.

Also don't let this put you off athlons my friend has a 1.2gig athlon and its very very fast he runs it on a Abit motherboard.

I hop this helps Michael

  gamesaregood 21:43 30 Jan 2003


  gamesaregood 21:44 30 Jan 2003

I meant wrong Discussion

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