HELP!!! problems with sound and watching videos...

  mk1fezza 18:08 16 Dec 2004

Hi all,i have a bit of a problem and would love some advise please!i bought a second hand PC,its made by TINY,all i know is it has a processor speed of 1.7ghz and and a 40gig hard drive.I know its not the best in the world but seems to work fine,the problem is,when i listen to music online it does'nt sound right,it sounds like the right speed but the only way i can describe it is that it sounds a bit like the chipmonks??Also when i watch videos it plays in bits(stops/starts) and the picture quality is quite poor.I am on dial-up still(broadband soon) but thought i would be able listen to music at least.I dont know wheater i need new sound and graphics card?PS when i play dvd's the picture quality's great but still sounds funny,but im sure the sound was ok when i played a dvd when i got the computer home after buying it?i also have all the latest windows updates and quicktime player updates,thanks very much,help please!! Dave...

  ICF 19:02 16 Dec 2004

Are you using on motherboard sound or do you have a separate soundcard?

Have you tried to install the latest drivers for either of the above options.

Do you have a codec package installed have a look this one K-Lite Mega Codec (various sizes)
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