Help! problems burning disk.

  ferrispedro 10:44 14 Mar 2005

I am at my wits end (didn't have to go far)I am trying to burn a holiday film my daughter has created on PC to disk.I have tried Nero and CDBurner XP Pro but when I try to play result I get "disk error" on my Sony GX300 DVDR.I have tried formatting the disk and finalising it to no avail.The file type she has created is MSWMM whatever that is.Any help appreciated,Peter. By the way should I be making a DVD Video ISO or what?

  Salinger 10:50 14 Mar 2005

Looks like you may have to convert the Windows Movie Maker files (MSWMM) to another standard that can be read by your Standalone? player.

click here

  FelixTCat 11:00 14 Mar 2005

The Sony GX300; is that a DVD player/recorder attached to your TV?

If so, it will only play a very limited range of files. You will have to convert the movie files into either a video CD or a video DVD.

I don't know off-hand of any program that will do this. Does your daughter have the film in any other format - .avi would be best.

  pj123 11:13 14 Mar 2005

According to this: click here

The Sony GX300 uses the American NTSC output to TV. The UK standard is PAL. (unless, of course, you are in America?)

It may also still need to be converted to either avi or mpeg first though.

  pj123 11:18 14 Mar 2005

Sorry, just a PS.

You may be better buying an Internal DVD burner for your PC. Prices start around £40 depending on make and model.

  Confab 12:51 14 Mar 2005

click here

Not sure what version of NERO you have but you could try the above

  fazer 12:53 14 Mar 2005

ferispedro - simple question; does the DVD that you have created play on your PC? If it does, then its safe to say that your standalone (?) DVD player is not capable of reading it (as FelixTCat suggested).

felixTCat also suggests that you may have to burn a CD-Video - one of the better suites to do this is Pinnacle's Studio 9.

  Confab 13:20 14 Mar 2005

What type of DVD's are you burning to -,+ or RAM? Are you using DVD R's or RW's?

What type of file has your daughter created on your pc, what is the file extension?

Do you know what type of DVD's your player can play and what type your burner can burn?

  GroupFC 13:58 14 Mar 2005

The first thing that needs to be done is to convert the MSWMM (which is a windows Movie maker project file) into a finished movie!

On the machine I am on at the moment, I don't have MovieMaker, but if you can hang on until this evening I should be able to post chapter and verse!

Basically, from re-collection you need to load the MSWMM file into MovieMaker and then select finalise movie, then you will find pleny of options for the type of movie you want to create.

I'll have a look at this thread when I get home tonight and see how you are getting on.

  GroupFC 21:05 14 Mar 2005

Is it sorted or do you need some more help?

Some useful sites for windows movie maker click here click here and click here

There is a package called TMPGEnc DVD Source creator & DVD Author these will allow you to once converted to *.wmv (Windows media file) will allow you to use any blank DVD (DVD + or - /R/RW to play on any DVD player whether is can play copies or not will also work on PS2's bought in the last 18months guarented as i have done all that is poss

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