Help! Problem regarding windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

  Josh Nicholas 09:30 20 Jul 2018

Good day everyone,

Firstly, i had problems with the blue screen before for some reason, i don't know the cause of it, back there i was just get home from college then i turn on my laptop then the blue screen infinite loop error ocurred. then after get it fixed some how ( i change the boot from boot menu the "F2" buttom From AHCI to IDE, and somehow i can boot my laptop now ) but the problems regarding my license to windows 7 turned to 30 days trial.

Regarding my laptop i got from my brother and i have been using them since 2011, so i don't really know about the license he used either it's subscription or lifetime, but my brother said it's installed from the original dvd+ license so i think its lifetime.

Well that's the cronology of what happen, now the main issue that i want to ask is :

1.Is it affected by the harddrive boot form AHCI to IDE friens suggested to reactive the keys, which i already found the key from software key recovery ( some sort of that, still haven't found the dvd box ).He said to remove my license key from command promt and re enter my old key which i found. can somebody teach me about this because i've been searching on videos or tutorial mostly on Youtub* but didn't found any. Or maybe someone had a better solutions.

Thanks before.

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