HELP ! Problem with my laptop RAM and CPU i think.

  CristianPlastin1996 13:58 23 Nov 2015

Hello people, Cristian's my name. Sorry for my english skills but i hope you will understand me almost everything. My main problem is that i have a lot of lag in my pc when i'm playing and a little bit without playing. The reason? I don't know. I just gave it 1 month ago to a professional for clean it up and right now it doesn't have any dust. Now i have a cooler but still warming up a lil' bit but not to much. My RAM memory is 4GB and 3.85 usable but i don't know i'm still laging and my inet i think is not the problem because my ping is between 45 and 60ms. Can be a problem of the router? Because i have a inet router connected to a wi-fi router and that wi-fi router connected with a cable in my laptop, do u follow me guys? Ok and right now i'm using how i said a cooler, advanced systemcare for gamebooster, a ram releaser from the same program, CCleaner and that's all and still having lag...

  CristianPlastin1996 14:06 23 Nov 2015

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