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  A p o l l o 12:31 18 Feb 2003

An organisation that I occasionally help with PC questions has asked me to do the following:

They want to print their rules and regulations in a handy A6 booklet. Is there a program that would take a document in A4 format and reduce it so it would print as an A6 booklet.

I have tried a demo of FinePrint but this only appears to reduce to A5.

Thanks for any suggestions

A p o l l o

  stlucia 12:43 18 Feb 2003

I've just checked the two applications which I have (MS Word and Adobe PageMaker), and the smallest paper size they both do is A5. But Word also does a postcard and several envelopes which are smaller than A5.

But, you could set an A5 page sideways and create two columns on it. Then you could either fold the pages to form an A6 booklet, or cut the pages in half.

  €dstow 13:05 18 Feb 2003

You can do "custom size" in Word or you can use M$ Publisher which has A6 as a standard paper size.

For reasons of ease of printing it would be better to print 4 x A4 and cut to size rather than printing on A6 sheets. This is because of paper gripping and margin settings necessary for printer guide rollers and such like.


  Pesala 13:41 18 Feb 2003

I use an Epson Stylus C80 inkjet. The printer driver has an option to print pages four up, and you can select the page order

I tested a four page document. It works fine, but of course, the print is tiny. You might have fun making a longer booklet, but if you plan it carefully you can get what you want.

I would recommend doing this is a DTP program like Page Plus, but that is a lot more work, but A6 really requires a differnt font size. Scaling down from 12 point to 6 point is really not readable. Contact me if you want A6 booklet templates, I make my own booklets.

[email protected]

or visit my website to see some PDFs

click here

  QuickHare 15:38 18 Feb 2003

The idea of printing on A4 is, I think, the best. It is economical, quicker (less time between loading paper) and easier for the printer to handle.

Printers of the inkjet variety cannot print onto the last 2cm (different printers have different measurements). Bubblejets find the last 5mm difficult and lasers can go even lower.

But why?

Simply, the printer uses this space to grip the paper so it doesn't move while the paper is being printed on.

Take my inkjet. 2cm. I print A6 sheets with 1-up, 2-up, etc as needed. On an A6 page, I lose 2cm of the print area.
On an A5 page, I lose 1cm.
On A4, 5mm.

I'd print A6 sheets on A4 paper 4-up. That way, I minimise the waste and gap at the bottom of the pages.


  Pesala 10:34 20 Feb 2003

Contact me via the envelope button for Page Plus A6 Booklet Templates: 16, 24, 32, or 64 pp.

The Epson Stylus C80 can handle smaller margins than my laser printer printer. Minimum 0.117" or 3mm all round. As you say, QuickHare, printing on A4 is most convenient. The problem is getting the pages in the right order.

All the various options using fineprint, printer driver layout options, that I have ever seen are unsatisfactory. WordPerfect’s booklet printing option can make decent A6 booklets on A5 paper, but even then reprinting selected pages is not possible. One has to reprint the whole booklet.

The best solution is to use a DTP program.
A6 booklets need reformatting from A4 documents.

  QuickHare 15:53 04 Mar 2003

For those without a decent DTP program, here's a handy tip to print 2-up, booklet style:

Go into your word processor. I'll use Word for this example.

Change the paper type to Landscape (through File/Page Setup on Word).

Change the document into 2 columns (Format/Columns/2 Columns in Word).

Print in Landscape mode (see your printer manual for how to do that).

Not as good as a proper DTP program, but great if you haven't got one.

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