help with postings on pca forum

  ollie < one> 18:15 18 Oct 2003

hi all
i have been on this site a little while now as an avid reader of most postings and find it such a good source of information. it is nice to know that people are willing to help out in ones hour of need. i have a couple of queries regarding the site, how can i save postings which i find of interest without adding a response to that posting and i have noticed that on some responses people have added a click here (in blue )which takes them to a useful web page/ response thanks to all and keep up the good work

  VoG II 18:18 18 Oct 2003

1. You could just add threads of interest to your Favorites.

2. just type the web address or highlight it in the Address bar, CTRL+C to copy, come back here and CTRL+V to paste. After you post your message the site turns your posted web address into a "click here".

  recap 18:18 18 Oct 2003

The `click here` come automatically when you insert a URL. As for saving threads if you have posted to them they will be in your "view your postings" section.

  christmascracker 18:22 18 Oct 2003

If you don't want to add a response go to file then save as and save it to your HDD. I've got a folder that I keep for threads that I think I might need

  ollie < one> 18:24 18 Oct 2003

can a previous thread be included to click here??

  powerless 18:25 18 Oct 2003


  VoG II 18:28 18 Oct 2003

Right click blue thread title and select Copy shortcut. Then comer to the message box and CTRL+V to paste it click here

  Djohn 18:29 18 Oct 2003

To make a blue "Click here", just copy paste the full URL. or type it like this.

www. google. com but without the spaces, then when you post it to the site it will automatically turn into this. click here

  the bash 16:59 01 Nov 2003

hi everybody.i want to post a message on consumerwatch as a new subject but there is no post response button. i am a registered user.
many thanks

  DieSse 17:11 01 Nov 2003

Go to the top of the left hand column and look for the "Start new subject" line - click on it.

Write your header (appropriate to your query please) - then your message - then click the "Begin new discussion" button.

  Stuartli 18:19 01 Nov 2003

If you want to add a thread to (your personal) My Postings without posting a response, just enter a simgle key stroke and then hit the Post response button.

It will bump the thread to the top of the listings but also add it to My Postings.

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