Help with possible faulty psu or gpu.

  ViktorOsborn 22:40 06 May 2017

Recently all my games are performing poorly with really massive fps spikes. I noticed that these spikes are not random and only happen when i am going too fast on a open world game, triggering some sort of event or passing through a specific point of the map ( probably a point where somethings is loading or streaming ). I monitored usage and temperatures and realized that everytime the drops ocurred the gpu usage goes down masssive low but the cpu is constant, never fully reaching 100%. Also both cpu and gpu temperatures are ok, they never go higher than 70C. So i tried testing the cpu with prime95 and it mainteans constant load and speed. I tried furmark with gpu and it also maintained constant load and speed. But when i tried both tests together the cpu worked fine at 100% load but the gpu stays at 0% and sometimes jumps to 100% for like a second. my gpu dying even though it peforms perfectly if cpu is not being used that much ? Could it be the psu having trouble powering up both components at the same time under heavy load ? I appreciate any input. Thanks.

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