HELP PLZ pc crashes when burning cd's

  Zion_Lion 22:25 06 Jul 2005

XPpro, FIC AZ11EA mobo, AMD800Duron, GforceMX400, 40GHDD, Liteon 52xcdrw, 8xcd, onboard sound

Hi peeps... this is my other halfs pc.
My humble apologies if this is a long story... A couple of days ago I went to burn some files to cd using the old fashioned way of dragging the files into the cdrw and using windows to burn the files.
About half way through the process the screen went blank as if it was off and then I got the BSOD (blue screen of death) saying windows has recovered from a serious error (no error codes) also the cd drive was still spining fast.
On re-starting I recived a message saying that windows was unable to load user account due to missing files, on clicking the ok button her account loaded but most of her stuff was missing.
The Liteon cdrw is about 7 months old.

After doing a sys restore the account was back to normal (PHEW!!).
Had another attempt at burning the cd the same thing happened this time without the bsod and did not need to restore.
Had yet another attempt this time I used nero express but still got the same system crash.

Now!.. about a month or two ago the misses was given a Mustek 1200ub flat bed scanner. I found and installed XP drivers from mustek but the scanner was still not recognised in device manager and it would not work.
Tried to unistall the drivers the other day as I thought it may have something to do with the cd problem but could not due to a missing file called Admin.exe in the windows temp folder, I tried a few different uninstaller programs to no effect.
I ended up uninstalling it by copying the contents of the mustek\driver folder in program files into the windows temp folder (which included the Admin.exe file). Now every time the pc boots up I get a message saying that windows has recovered form a serious error and makes referance to these files: c:\WINDOWS\minidump\minidump070605-03 and C:\DOCUME~1\SHARON~1\TEMP\wer1.temp.dir00\sysdata.kml

And also occationally the pc has faild to shut down or re-start with the turn off/restart buttons.

Checked out the event viewer and found this system error:

Event Source: System Error
Event Category: (102)
Event ID: 1003
Date: 06/07/2005
Time: 17:36:34
User: N/A
Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 bf876bed, parameter3 f47bd520, parameter4 00000000.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at click here.
0000: 53 79 73 74 65 6d 20 45 System E
0008: 72 72 6f 72 20 20 45 72 rror Er
0010: 72 6f 72 20 63 6f 64 65 ror code
0018: 20 31 30 30 30 30 30 38 1000008
0020: 65 20 20 50 61 72 61 6d e Param
0028: 65 74 65 72 73 20 63 30 eters c0
0030: 30 30 30 30 30 35 2c 20 000005,
0038: 62 66 38 37 36 62 65 64 bf876bed
0040: 2c 20 66 34 37 62 64 35 , f47bd5
0048: 32 30 2c 20 30 30 30 30 20, 0000
0050: 30 30 30 30 0000

Unable to find much on this error appart from uncompatable audigy 2 sound card drivers.
The pc is spyware and virus free. Dont really want to re-format unless I have to, this pc has run trouble free for four years, as the registry is kept clean and a good house keeping policy is used.

Does anyone think that the cd problem is related to the dam scanner driver or do you think its a seperate problem? and more importantly how can I fix it, as I'm pulling my hair out and I aint got much as it

Any help would be great
Regards ZL

  Zion_Lion 00:00 07 Jul 2005

Well I just thought I'd do a windows clean up with that great tool (clean up) and it has so far solved the the serious error message at start up.
I could not find the wer1.temp.dir00 in the windows temp folder, so I wondered if doing a clean up would make a difference as it cleans out the windows temp folder, so hopefully one problem down.

  Zion_Lion 01:34 07 Jul 2005

Oh Well!! error message back on boot up.

  Zion_Lion 11:48 07 Jul 2005

Can anyone read minidump files??

  Zion_Lion 12:01 07 Jul 2005

Can anyone here read minidump files?

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