Help Please "Worm tampers with Norton Antivirus"

  rewired 21:36 05 Jun 2006

OK, after 5 years of virus free operation looks like I have pcked up a nasty worm.The sequence of events is as follows
Running on MS XP. Norton all in red, says that my antivirus has been "tampered".I tried unsuccessfully, to download Nortons suggested remedies.I also noted that my dvd rom was not working (in systems hardware the yellow warnings speak of code 41 )No amount of deleting and rebooting will make it work. I then downloaded Avast and ran a preboot check. It immediatley identified " Worm?? it named the worm but like the fool I am I did not make a note of the name. The screen then froze.I closed the programme and ran a full virus check which gave a clean bill of health except to say-
"unable to access the following files-
error OxC0000034

I have also run AVG Virus checker which fails to spot any virus,s.

My worry is that despite no further worms being identified I keep getting the " unable to access" the files mentioned messages.Is the worm still there? if so how can I get rid ? And how can I regain control of my DVD ROM player?
Phew!! If anybody is still with me and can help please do. In the meantime my machine is in quarantine.

  VoG II 21:39 05 Jun 2006

BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan
click here
Make sure you tick AutoClean under Scan Options.

Panda ActiveScan
click here
Make sure you tick Disinfect automatically under Scan Options.

Housecall at TrendMicro
click here
Make sure you tick Auto Clean.

eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner
click here

  rewired 09:42 06 Jun 2006

Thanks for your response VOG .I tried the first three you mentioned one gave an all clear ,two each identified a different virus and deleted them. However I still have the problem of my DVD Rom being "disconnected Code 41 "every time I reboot.
Obviously I am still worried that the original worm is still lurking .
Anyother suggestions?

  Jackcoms 09:51 06 Jun 2006

I can appreciate your desire to rid yourself of this worm, but one thing strikes me.

You mention Norton, Avast and AVG AV.

Exactly how many AV programs do you now have on your PC?

Having more than one will cause conflicts and possible 'false positives'.

  rewired 09:56 06 Jun 2006

Good point Jackcoms, but I have been deleting each proramme after trying it out ie just running one at a time . Might best be described as "Thrashing around "

  skidzy 10:00 06 Jun 2006

click here
This may help Rewired

  skidzy 10:06 06 Jun 2006
  brundle 10:07 06 Jun 2006

Or this one click here
Cause is not an issue but the fix described may help.

If you definitely have things running from `C:\1386\` and not c:\I386, boot in safe mode and try
to delete the 1386 folder - I386 is a legitimate folder name - (XP/2000 stores files from your installation CD or Service Packs there), 1386 isn't.

  Jackcoms 10:08 06 Jun 2006

There is one other biting the bullet option you could try.

You are running XP and, presumably, have System Restore enabled.

Your little nasty may be lurking somewhere in memory between restore points.

Try disabling System Restore to free up all those restore points and then run AV (and anti-malware) scans. You will, of course, lose all your restore points.

  rewired 10:16 06 Jun 2006

OK thanks each, that gives me something to chew on. I will report back on success or otherwise.

  rewired 13:38 06 Jun 2006

Success! Thanks Brundle the Regedt. was the way to go. A bit nervous but I printed out and followed instructions-Bingo. A gain from all this pain has been to see the no.of free antivirus programmes available, shan,t bother to renew my Norton subscrption.

Cheers again

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