Help please - Windows not detecting mouse !!

  Never again 09:17 03 Jul 2004

I have been given a "broken pc" which is a pentium 233 with 32mb ram and a 2gb hdd.

I discovered the reason it was "broken" was that the grapgics card had come out of the pci slot and assumed that it had been manhandled or dropped, but when I fixed this, fdisk'd, formatted and installed an old win98 and now windows will not detect the mouse, but I can navigate windows with the keyboard.

The mouse port is a serial one connected through to the motherboard with a thin ribbon cable connected to a 10 pin rectangular socket. I have checked all the cables are in ok.

As I do not have a serial mouse I have connected a ps2 mouse through an adapter. Initially I thought that either the mouse or the adapter may also be faulty but I have changed both of them, and it still will not detect the mouse.

I am now wondering if there is a motherboard or serial port fault and how to get around it.

Could I fit a pci card to one of the spare slots with either a ps2 or serial connector for the mouse, and would I have to disable something in the bios or motherboard to enable this to be detected, or does anyone have any suggestions please.

The only identification I can see on the motherboard is Winbond written on a couple of the chips.

Any help would be appreciated.


  Androcles 09:34 03 Jul 2004

Hi, Sounds like a driver problem to me.GO to and find the driver for your mouse,you may be able to install over the old driver,if not uninstall the old driver and then install the right driver from that site.Hope this helps.

  Dorsai 09:40 03 Jul 2004

i have heard of these mouse port adaptors, and when they were mentioned the sentence normally finished 'and it didn't work.'

If it is the serial connector thats duff you could try getting a USB card, and a USB mouse.

  Never again 09:56 03 Jul 2004

I have managed to navigate to device manager and no mouse is listed.

There are problems shown under other devices - one of which is listed as an analogue device with no drivers installed.

I'm going to assume that this may be a mouse and install some drivers, but shouldn't windows have done that anyway?

- Let you know soon.

dorsai - your suggestion is the failsafe - but there are no usb posts on this machine so I'll have to buy a pcu usb hub.

  Never again 10:18 03 Jul 2004

The mouse I am using is a tiny mouse borrowed from another machine.

Androcles - Your website, although very useful and worth adding to my favourites, did not list any drivers and nor did

Thanks for your input. I have to go now and won't be able to return to the machine until Monday, but I'll keep a tab on suggestions from home.

Thanks again - I'm sure that we'll get to the bottom of it eventually

  Dorsai 10:31 03 Jul 2004

Fail safe-yes. but twin USB card from PC world from only £9.00 click here

and mice from only £10.00

Plus you get USB on the thing.

  Never again 21:20 11 Jul 2004

Thanks all

Usb card and usb mouse fitted and its all running ok.

One of my friends is now going to have his old pentium 100 replaced with this "speed machine".


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