Help please to sort out this system

  Antuk87 09:34 01 Aug 2003

Help! - Computer Woes

hi. I took on the job of trying to fix and find the problem causing my friends system to

1) When booting it gets half way past the loading windows 98 screen but then the monitor goes into standbye mode, leaving you not able to see.

2) also sometimes when it boots the screen doesnt come on at all, and there is no beep to tell us that the boot process is initialized. When a beep is heard the screen comes on but then does the above.

3) it recently started to turn itself off fully then back on again on its on when switched on.

I also noticed that when i took the motherboard out of there machine and stuck it in mine, the CDROM drive was contantly flickering, like it was reading full time. NO DISC IN THe DRIVE. I noticed it did this on their machine to.

I know this is a big one for you pros. But any help is kindly appreciated. Need to get it completed.

OS - not important as i wiped and am planning to install new.

ram - 64mb
HDD - 20GB
processor - Intel celeron 600 mhz
MB - GA-60MM7E
intel 815 AGPset

  AndySD 10:10 01 Aug 2003

Have you tried going into the bios and setting it to default before trying to load Windows?

  Smiler 10:38 01 Aug 2003

Have you removed the Graphics and reseated it as it seems from the lack of the initial beep that the problem is the graphics card. It could have onboard graphics so look in the bios and check the settings or disable onboard graphics and put a card in a pci or agp slot. You could also try a different graphics card if it's not on board graphics to see if you still get the problem. What happened when you put the motherboard in your machine?

  Antuk87 11:52 01 Aug 2003

i couldnt get it to work in my machine as my LED and reset switches, (the little leads) wouldnt fit. The motherboard has onboard graphics and has ever since it was bought. No Card has ever been tried to insert. Sometimes when i get into bios the screen may go off when im looking at settings!

The machine keeps turning itself on and off. Its posessed.

  AndySD 12:38 01 Aug 2003

Its starting to sound like the ram.... remove and reseat it and try again.... you could also run memtest to check it afterwards. click here

  Smiler 15:05 01 Aug 2003

I think you are going to have to go into the bios and disable the on board graphics save and exit and turn off the computer insert a pci agp graphics card attach the monitor to it and start up. If this doesn't work then there could be a memory problem but I can't see how this would turn off the monitor.

  Smiler 15:06 01 Aug 2003

Should read pci or agp graphics card

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