Help please setting up SATA HDD on A7V600-X M/B

  Giggle n' Bits 00:14 10 Jun 2005

I have wired everything up fine, updated the BIOS on the Motherboard from the 1006 to the 1008.awd file fine.

Problem still is the SATA Seagate Barracuda 120GB HDD is not being recognised as the Primary Master in the BIOS.

I have not yet installed anything like the SATA Drivers or WinXP until I get the BIOS to recognise the Drive.

Can someone help please, is the SATA HDD suppose to be listed in the BIOS as primary Master before the SATA Driver thing is installed ?

  Gaz 25 00:30 10 Jun 2005

Hmm, really does depend!

If it says:

IDE Primary Master then Nope!

Your BIOS may not show it on POST, I saw a SATA board the other week that never POST what SATA drives were connected. Check the BIOS though, there should be something in there under Drives.

If not, you can always try installing XP and have the drivers ready. You simply press F6 when you see the: Install third party drivers, press F6 alert, you must be QUICK though, this message goes very quickly.

Otherwise, check that SATA interface is turned on, the drive is powered and the cable is working. You should not bend SATA cabes too much.


  Giggle n' Bits 00:37 10 Jun 2005

Thanks for your call.

I have just found another post at a USA forum that SATA drives don't show in the BIOS. It does however show on Boot up in DOSS ans ident's it fine as Raid 00 I think it said.

Ok, so now I need to know how to install the SATA Driver. I have the CD and I have also downloaded the Driver from the Asus website.

Urr the file is 7MB and its not going to fit on a floppy to boot at the F6 !

I have noticed in the Zip files of this SATA Raid driver that a little .exe programme called MakeDisk is there. Ok so how is it done.

Gaz 25 I appreciate your help or anyone who can.

  ashdav 00:38 10 Jun 2005

When you install XP it will prompt you for any 3rd party SATA/RAID drivers (watch the bottom of the screen approx 30 secs in). You will need to press F6 on your keyboard when asked. It will appear that nothing is happening but eventually you will be asked to insert the floppy that contains the SATA drivers. In your Bios settings (press DEL at bootup) you need to enable SATA/RAID first if the option is there.This might vary but in my set up it was in integrated peripherals/OnChip SATA device.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:43 10 Jun 2005

ok, the nearest I have for boot option is SCSI/ATA device.

Problem I have is the Size of the Driver files I have downloaded from Asus is 7Mb and I am not sure how to get what I need onto the Floppy for the F6 boot.

I will have a look on the Motherboard CD while I wait for more help from here. Thank U again.

  ashdav 00:45 10 Jun 2005

I've just seen your last post and I think the 7Mb file is for drivers under the operating system after you have done an installation. You need the drivers for the mobo first. They will be much smaller and they will fit on a floppy as this is the standard way of installing SATA. Did you not get a floppy with your mobo ?

  Giggle n' Bits 00:49 10 Jun 2005

No I didn't get a Floppy Driver supplied with the Asus Motherboard, I will check the manual for package content. Its probably Asus expect us to create our own. Which isn't a problem as long as there is some instruction from some source like your good self or the Manual. Will look now

No a Floppy is not in the Package content. I will run the CD on this PC, will go offline but will be back soon.

  Gaz 25 00:57 10 Jun 2005

Sorry I didn't see your post back quick.

Insert a floppy, and run MakeDisk.exe

Follow prompts and then run the set-up for xp and press f6 for 3rd party SATA/RAID drivers

Then wait. It will come up asking you where they are located, use the floopy disk and load all the XP drivers on it, it will then install these.

  Gaz 25 00:58 10 Jun 2005

You may have to press s to select another after you've selected your first.

  ashdav 01:00 10 Jun 2005

Try Gaz 25 suggestion while I look throgh the manual for your mobo.

  ashdav 01:06 10 Jun 2005

Your mobo uses the same VIA southbridge as mine. I have the mobo SATA drivers on a floppy. I can email them to you if you want. It's easier than trying to create your own.

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