help please! scan has detected 30 threats (all same threats) not sure if safe to remove! help!

  malouey 10:40 26 Sep 2013

the threats are coming up as:-

inlinehookwin32k.sys.XLATEOBJ_ixlate+OXAA317539 part of operating system

I am totally untechy but don't want to ruin the PC - any help appreciated please! (please explain in "basic" way!)

I also have Avast antivirus on there and that seems to pick up everything so hopefully this is nothing too bad.

thank you.

  onthelimit1 11:05 26 Sep 2013

When you say 'coming up', what do you mean (ie, what are you scanning with)?

  Press Man 11:56 26 Sep 2013

Do you have more than one anti virus scanner on your system?

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:01 26 Sep 2013

Do you have two anti-virus programs running? If you do, remove one of them. Googling "inlinehookwin32k.sys" suggests that is likely to be your problem.

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