Help please with new computer spec

  Andsome 10:43 07 Jan 2003
  Andsome 10:43 07 Jan 2003

In the next day or two I will be asking my local shop to quote for a new computer, in the price range of approx £1200 to £1400 inc VAT. I am considering an Intel Pentium 4, 2.6GHz processor, Gigabyte mother board, but which one??, memory 512 DDR at 333MHz , ASSUS CRW-5224A CD-RW drive. I really do not need a sound card suitable for speakers every where, I don’t have the space. I need a decent stereo pair with a suitable sound card. I also have no desire to play games on line, I therefore need graphics to suit digital photography, not fast gaming. Any advice would be welcome please.

Which mother board, which standard CD drive to play the CD’s which I will want to copy etc? Which stereo speakers and sound card, which graphics card ? I would also like a reasonably priced scanner which will transfer the maximum number of slides at a time to the computer.

I also need a recommendation regarding the hard drive. Which might suit my requirement to store digital photo’s, either two separate hard drives or one partitioned? I don’t need a monster size, I would think that about 60 or so GB in total would be ample. Would raid be advisable?

I am completely ignorant about the inside of the box, all that I know is that it makes funny grunting noises now and then. I do hope that all these questions are sensible. I will of course discuss my final choice with the builder before going ahead. I will be back tomorrow, and would be grateful for any suggestions.

  jazzypop 11:18 07 Jan 2003

Easy ones first :)

I have found the LG CD writers to be excellent - fast, quiet and reliable.

For the sound card, I suggest a Creative Audigy - try and get the Version 1, as it will be cheaper than the recently released Audigy 2, and just as good for your needs. It also comes with a very handy Firewire port.

Personally, I like the Cambridge Soundworks range of speakers - they do some nice stereo ones, as well as the full surround-sound range.

If you are sure that you won't be gaming, go for an Nvidia GeForce 4 MX4200 graphics card. Plenty fast enough for 2D graphics, a bit weak for future gaming needs.

Personally, I would avoid RAID. You don't appear to have the need for speed from striping, and if you bought (say) 2 x 40GB drives, you could easily use one to completely back up the other, using Norton Ghost or a similar program.

Try to specify adequate, quiet cooling. A quick trip to will give you a few ideas, but it is worth spending a few bob now on a good quality heatsink and sufficient quiet fans.

You didn't mention the monitor. Can I recommend the 19" LG Flatron 915ft+ - absolutely superb display, rock-solid, flat screen, 4 additional USB hubs etc.

I hope this is helpful :)

  powerless 11:26 07 Jan 2003

Altho. i have not seen the LD Flatron 915 in action.

Do you really need a P4 2.6GHZ? Why not go for a AMD 2000XP+? Another motherbaord would be called for, but everything else would be the same.

It will also be cheaper.

  Andsome 11:39 07 Jan 2003

Thanks to you both so far. Although I can help others with advice from time to time on using a computer, as I said I keep right away from the inside of the box. The only reason that I am seriouly considering Pentium as against Athlon, is because of all the comments about Athlon runing hotter. There is nothing that I can do about the temperature in the spare room where my computer lives. I can keep it warm in the winter, but in the summer the temperature can at time go over 90F, 34C.

I must go out now, but will be back tonight or tomorrow, meantime many thanks.

PS you will no doubt have noticed that I am taking my own often repeated advice to use my local shop.

  Jimma 12:31 07 Jan 2003

I'm building a pc for a relative, and have based it around MSI KT3 Ultra Motherboard, AMD XP2000+ CPU, 512MB PC2700 DDR memory, 80GB Maxtor HDD, Liteon CD-RW, Liteon DVD, a low spec graphics card and cheap speakers.
Working to a budget of £1000 I've even managed to include a scanner (Epson 1260) and printer (Canon S300)!
Said relative is using their old keyboard, mouse and monitor.
Buying everything online from M Squared, Novatech,
Ebuyer (Nice cases for under £20 inc PSU!) and Komplett.

  Andsome 08:36 08 Jan 2003

Thanks so far. Are there any more suggestions please. I will be visiting the shop a little later this morning?

  powerless 08:45 08 Jan 2003

Whats the warranty like?

  Andsome 08:48 08 Jan 2003

Which warranty?

  powerless 08:52 08 Jan 2003

Well if your buying it then it should come with a standard warranty. Like 1years return to base or onsite etc.

Or am i missing something?

  powerless 08:53 08 Jan 2003

Even if its being built. What if something goes wrong 2 weeks after it sitting on the desk?

Again, am i missing something?

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