Help please - my speakers are buzzing

  Never again 09:50 05 Jul 2003

I am running a p3 800 512ram on windows me.

I have creative soundworks speakers (4 of them) plugged into my pci soundcard, ann now I can't even touch the volume control as the speakers just buzz.

I have tried untangling the cable spaghetti to reduce any interference but this does not seem to work.

I have also inspected the speaker cables but they do not seem to be damaged.

My kids are complaining because they cant play their music (although that makes me happier in the long term)

Any suggestions please??

  Valvegrid 09:56 05 Jul 2003

Has this just started happening? If it has, it sounds like you may have a break in the speaker cable.


  Never again 10:02 05 Jul 2003

The kids have only complained in the last week or so, but It may have been longer.

Surely I would notice the break in the cable?

  Valvegrid 10:08 05 Jul 2003

No, not necessarily, it sounds like only one wire is broken inside the cable which could be the ground connection, even though the cable looks OK. It sounds like you are using self powered speakers that require a separate power supply. Try unplugging the plug to the sound card, you'll probably find the hum goes.


  britto 12:45 05 Jul 2003

don't know if you have checked to see if the line in button is enabled ,this can give speaker interference if it is.

  Valvegrid 21:09 11 Jul 2003

Did you ever sort your problem?

  Satmansq 01:02 12 Jul 2003

You are sure that the speaker jack plug is in the connection.
Try plugging the line into a different port and see if that cures the problem.Its the sort of stupid thing that we all do from time to time.

  david.h 09:26 12 Jul 2003

may be a driver problem, when I updated to XP I had this. once the drivers were updated all was ok. could your soundcard driver have been corrupted by any new software?

  Valvegrid 10:43 12 Jul 2003

I think it's another thread where the owner has ridden of into the sunset, never to be heard of again :-) 'scuse the pun.

  Never again 08:47 15 Jul 2003

Sorry all

I am on a residential course and am unable to check my home pc.

At the last time of use my daughter reported that the buzzing had stopped but the sound was tinny.

I guess that this does indicate a broken wire then as no other settings were changed.

I will be back at the weekend and will post a reply.

Thank you all for your efforts

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