Help please with my MP3 player

  lintony 08:50 14 May 2006

I decided to treat myself to an MP3 player. Now I'm not normally that thick, (says she) but can someone explain to me in plain English how to download music to it and then play it?

I downloaded music or so I thought as I can see the files on the player, but I haven't a clue if I have done it properly as I can't seem to play them.

Whe I do try to play them, it tells me tha there is no files, so I suppose that means that I haven't done it properly.

I am not going to ramble on any more can someone please HELP!!!!

  De Marcus™ 09:32 14 May 2006

If you tell us which MP3 player you bought and the version of windows which your using someone should be able to help.

  skidzy 09:34 14 May 2006

Operating system firstly would be handy,i presume you are using xp windows.

Once downloaded to a folder on your pc its only a matter of drag and drop the music file to the drive where the mp3 is plugged into.

Alternatively you may like to just right click on the music file and send to the mp3 player drive letter.

To find the drive letter,click > start > my computer and find the drive must have your mp3 player plugged into the usb.

Hope this helps lintony

  lintony 09:35 14 May 2006

I no longer require help with my MP3 player. I found other posts from people like me who were new to MP3's and after following the instructions, I am now the happy owner of an MP3 player with music on it that actually plays.

Many, many thanks to all you wonderful people out there. Where would we dumbos be without you?

  skidzy 09:41 14 May 2006

lintony your not a dumbo,it takes brains and common sense to start a thread asking for help,so please any other problems feel free to start a thread stating your os and as much info about the problem you may need help with.

Good luck with your new toy :-)

  lintony 09:47 14 May 2006

Thanks all who answered my post. I have just posted a message to say that I had found previous posts from people like me who are newbys to MP3's and with the help of these instructions, I was successful in downloading and playing the MP3's.

Thanks to you all, you are wonderful people.

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