Help please! My GPU does not display (no signal)

  AintFalco 11:46 04 May 2017

I have troubleshooted my PC thousand times just trying to solve it.

Here my specs: Intel core 2 duo E4600 @2.4 GHz

4GB of DDR2 Ram(not buffered)

DELL P301D Motherboard For the Vostro 220s System (Is one of those motherboard which just handles core2duo and below cpus

XFX 4GB R9 380

Logysis 550w power supply

Dell Vostro 200 Bios 1.0.16

Windows 8.1 Pro (Not original)

Alright, so my problem basically is that my on my r9 380 which is not DEAD doesn t display at all on the monitor, but on board graphics are just fine, here is the list of things that I've tried already:

Reset CMOS Change form VGA to HDMI and DVI Tried 3 different monitors Tried the graphics card on another setup Tested EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT BESIDES THE GRAPHICS CARD and they all work fine Tested display cables, they all work Tried my old gt 740 And it worked fine on the board (SO NO PCI-E x16 Express problems) Cleared all AMD/NVIDIA DRIVERS Disabled On board graphics Make pci express principal display Make sure all cables were tight up and worked correctly Graphics card receiving enough power PSU working on others pc Ram, all fans, cpu, everything good.

Another thing that is interesting is that I connected 2 display ports (1 connected to the graphics card and one to the board) Guess what my motherboard actually detects my gpu but obviously shows up the dell unsupported video configuration

Like this: click here, my device manager doesn t detect it. SO BASICALLY IS LIKE THE CARD IS DEAD BUT IT ISN'T, it spins up normally doesn t overheat from what I see, but it Just not shows up.

My guess is when I updated the bios this happened, if so Any way to go back to the Dell Vostro 200 bios 1.0.15?


  Koncepto Srl 21:06 04 May 2017

Really don t know dude, such bad luck

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