Help please on mp3 & wav converting

  9nailer9 20:25 12 Mar 2005

can someone please recommend a programme that will enable me to convert between mp3 and wav music files. I would like to be able to put some of my cd collection on to one disc to play on my cars mp3 player.

  johnnyrocker 20:27 12 Mar 2005

nero i believe would do it also musicmatch juke box


  bremner 20:34 12 Mar 2005

click here for dbpoweramp

  Cannuck 20:35 12 Mar 2005

Go to for a great little free d/l

  TomJerry 20:56 12 Mar 2005

The latest version of Microsoft Media Player (verion 10) has this facility to rip sound in mp3 format

If you want Easy and free program, CDex is the one to get click here

dbpoweramp is great, but its mp3 encording function is not free any more

  bremner 21:06 12 Mar 2005

My link to dbpoweramp provides the latest version 11 with free mp3 encoder. click here

  9nailer9 21:08 12 Mar 2005

Thank you very much for your help and advice. I am sure your suggestions will solve my problem.

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