HELP PLEASE - Laptop needs F12 to start up

  dnjl 11:11 04 Oct 2010


I am using XP home SP3 and my laptop has just decided not to fire up.
When I switch it on it makes the usual noises (fan etc.) and lights flash (normally) then just goes quiet whilst still have a black screen.

If I press F12 once it starts up no probs.

I don't mind having to do this but this is not how it should work & I am afraid I may damage something - or if something has gone wrong (which it seems it has to me), then it needs fixing.

  gengiscant 11:52 04 Oct 2010

Make and model of laptop??

  gengiscant 11:57 04 Oct 2010

Check your boot load order. It may be trying to boot from your LAN which, as you can probably guess, is unbootable. Hit F12 and try to find the list showing the order of devices to boot from. The hard drive should be first and then your CD?DVD drive.

  dnjl 15:05 04 Oct 2010

make is - PC Specialist - with intel core 2 duo T7800 (2 x 60ghz) 800MHz PSB/4MB L2 cache.
2GB Corsair DDR2.
250GB Serial Ata II Hard Drive with 8MB cache (5400rpm).
8xDVD+-R/RW/dulal layer (+24xCD-RW).

There is more but just put what I thought you would wish to know.

  dnjl 16:46 04 Oct 2010

Since coming home with my laptop - I plugged it in, pressed start & then F12 but it fired up too quickly for me to see any list.

It needed quite a few updates from Windows and since then I have shut it down & started it up (without having to press F12) numerous times and it fires up straight away.

So whether it needed an update I don't know. Spooky Spooky.
I will keep trying over the next few days and let your know next week what the verdict is. Thanks.
Just out of interest there is no where I can go and just press F12 when it's up & running is there - just to see this list?

  gengiscant 16:53 04 Oct 2010

Whatever key gets you to the bios will let you see the boot order.
You do not say what make and model your laptop is so cannot tell you what key to tap as soon as you press the power button.
To get to my bios i tap the delete key, when you get into the bios there will be a heading boot, go there and make sure hard rive is first.If not change it, there should be instructions on the page,then press F10 OK and laptop will boot to desktop.

  dnjl 16:58 05 Oct 2010


Thanks. It's not an off the shelf laptop like say Dell or PC World or anything. I went to the web site (recommended by my brother in law).
The make is PC Specialist - they give you a list of the norm. for a set price, with additionas & amendments which you choose from yourself. So you have what spec you want.

I will have a go at a few keys (I have been into the Bios - by accident once) so whilst I was there I set passwords, so when my laptop starts up the first password it asks you for is the Bios one and then continues as normal.

Thanks for all the help.

When I find out which key it is I will post.

  gengiscant 17:36 05 Oct 2010

It will tell you which key to press on the first screen you see after pressing the power button.
It really doesn't matter where you get your PC from(I build my own) there is a very limited choice of what key to press to get to the bios.

  finerty 23:03 05 Oct 2010

what about the bios f2 is the hard drive shown as ide or achi. if achi change it to ide.

  finerty 23:03 05 Oct 2010

what about the bios f2 is the hard drive shown as ide or achi. if achi change it to ide.

  dnjl 18:20 06 Oct 2010

Thanks - the first screen that comes up is white with Pheonix written across it in red. On the bottom it does say press F2 for..... and another F no. for something else - but it is so quick to disappear.

However, I will concentrate and look hard next time.

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