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help please its audio problem but big problem!

  ??????? ?a?a?d????? 20:03 10 Dec 2019

i have speakers logitec 5.1 and asus by Realtek program, the problem is: on games for example witcher, call of duty (story).. then the some characters or the main speaker talk i cant hear them butt i can here the same time then he speak the backround voices like the rain or the cars on the same time which i watche the subtitles of his speaking, i have try so mush to do somethink but nothing can someone help me? if i recorder the time which i cant hear the main voice then in the video looking normal, i can hear everything, and i say again i cant hear some on that voices i remeber a moment with 3 characters on call of duty i cound hear the others characters and i couldnt here my characthers but when i was talking i could here the backround help guys!

  wee eddie 21:01 10 Dec 2019

Are you sure that you have the Speakers set up in the correct order

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