Help please I'm stupid

  carolineann 17:07 13 Dec 2003

I have formatted my hard drive but being a dumb blonde forgot to check start up disk first. It does'nt work. is there any way I can install windows straight from the cd. I am on Windows 98

  powerless 17:08 13 Dec 2003
  keith-236785 17:10 13 Dec 2003

Beat me to it Powerless

  keith-236785 17:16 13 Dec 2003

Download the win98 startup file, you might have to unzip it, if so unzip it directly to a floppy.

change the boot up sequence to boot to floppy first then restart computer with floppy disk in drive.

good luck, if you need more help then you know where we are

  carolineann 17:24 13 Dec 2003

Thanks all have been to a neighbour and done a new start up disk from her windows 98 but still no joy I think it must be the floppy drive itself

  carolineann 17:28 13 Dec 2003

is there any thing I do or shall I just cry

  plsndrs3 17:35 13 Dec 2003

try the advice from Powerless above. This could well work just in case one is Win98, the other Win98SE.

At the end of ths day, you have nothing to lose - and everything to gain by trying this download.

Post back & let us know.


  powerless 17:40 13 Dec 2003

Cry, cry, cry and me will walk over and lend a shoulder but i want it back.

Oh you can install Windows from the 98 CD (i think) as it is bootable.

You can try it.

  Stuartli 17:41 13 Dec 2003

Or after booting up to enter Safe Mode use the Command prompt.

You could also temporarily alter the startup in the Bios to use your CD-ROM drive rather than the floppy i.e. D,C,A or whatever sequence is available.

  carolineann 17:42 13 Dec 2003

ok will try . I am using my daughters comp at the moment. will get back to you later and let you know what happened. thanks

  plsndrs3 17:44 13 Dec 2003

Just learning - like the rest of us ....

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