Help please i dont knw what to do!!!!!

  chilled fc 12:47 18 Nov 2008

Hi first off ill give you my pc spec Amd Sempron 3000+ about 1.8ghz. 1gig ram 80gb harddrive sata and a gigabyte 6100 m2ma motherboard.

When i got this pc it needed a new harddrive and new ram i brought the ram 1gig of ddr2 and i brought a brand new hdd started to formatt it and then proceeded to install windows xp after formatting It would say please wait while it installs the windows files and stuff but kept freezing at 15% so i couldnt load xp on it so later i went into the bios and for some stupid reason i set it to optimised defaults but still kept freezing then i thought id try fail safe defaults and now when i turn it on it just comes up a black screen with a flashing cursor at the top even if i go into the bios and set my dvd rom drive for first boot device it makes no difference and wont load up the os just a black screen dont know what to try now i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to fix this

  Ozy 14:29 18 Nov 2008

first try removing the battery to clear the BIOS
leave it off for a couple of hours i have an XP computer that sometimes i reinstall,
(because of the stuff i download etc,)
on install it gets to 13%and freezes,
it stays at 13% for an hour, then carries on and fully installs,i do not know why it does that,
have you tried leaving yours for a long period?

  Clapton is God 14:44 18 Nov 2008

And when you next start a thread please use a title that actually describes your problem, as per the Forum rules.

"Help please i dont knw what to do!!!!!" - tells us nothing and in, fact, if you post here it's assumed you need help. That's why it's called 'Helproom'.

  chilled fc 14:45 18 Nov 2008

Hi i will try the cmos battery in a moment but no have not left on for long period like i say i thought it has froze or crashed i will try that to

  chilled fc 17:40 18 Nov 2008

ok this is the latest done cmos battery and the pc let me go to bios and boot from cd so i put windows disk in got to formatting and froze again on 20% im wondering why it keeps freezing could it be the processor because it seems only to freeze when doing something ie formatting or installing windows files from os

  chub_tor 17:56 18 Nov 2008

There are a couple of suggestions on this page click here for freezing XP installations - I am assuming from your first post that formatting was successful. Both the suggestions include opening the CD drawer and then closing it again when the installation sticks. One of them is more complicated in that it suggests deleting an inf file. I have no experience of either of these fixes but they are probably worth a try now that you have got your BIOS screen back.

  chilled fc 18:47 18 Nov 2008

hi this is what ram it can us got this from motherboard specs 4 x DDR2 SDRAM DIMM (up to 4 GB DDR2-400/533/667/800, dual-channel mode).

this is the ram my shop said i can get
1GB 240Pin 667MHz DDR2 PC5400 RAM DIMM 1.8V

its fits ok could it be the wrong ram???
i dont know what else to try???

  chilled fc 18:58 18 Nov 2008

hi it should of said this is what ram it can use

  Ashrich 18:58 18 Nov 2008

Sounds like a faulty memory module to me , they typically freeze at different times , usually when they are being used the most ( certain times during an installation for example ) see if the vendor will swap it for you .


  Ashrich 19:02 18 Nov 2008

Having read your first post again , you are installing the SATA drivers from a floppy ( pressf6 to install third party drivers ) aren't you ? ( although I still think the memory might be dodgy ! )


  lofty29 19:18 18 Nov 2008

I know that this might sound daft, but you did install the motherboard drivers first and made a sata drive disk.

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