Help please Graphic card problem

  Scabby 15:44 16 Jan 2006

Could anyone help me with a problem with two cards I have.

I started some time ago now to play BF1942 and quickly realised I needed a new card to play it,
so then (a couple of years now) I got this . .

All-in-Wonder ® VE 64mb
for info:

click here

now this coped well and gave me the ability to get TV and video capture aswel, cool I thought

now time has gone by and Battlefield 2 has come along, so I looked around for a different card to manage that as the old one wouldn't

My computer is a little old now but should be able to cope with BF2 just
it is
Dell 2300 with 1 meg ram 80 gig hd and window XP

so with that I got this (PCI only so limited, doh!)

Inno3D Tornado GeForce FX 5600 Ultra - 128mb

click here

Now I figured I didn't need capture or TV as I already had a card to do that but when I put both cards into the slots (in any confiuration) with latest drivers, The AIW 64mb card takes over the graphics aswel, even with no drivers, it seems to highjack the 5600

and so onto the question . .

I would like to use the 5600 for my games, but the AIW 64mb for video capture and TV.

pleeeese anyone out there can help me,

my deepest respect and thanks even if you have read this and cannot help


  VoG II 15:46 16 Jan 2006

You've posted the same thread twice. Please tick this one and stick to the other.

To get a 'click here' you need to paste in the web address that you want to turn into a hyperlink.

  VoG II 15:46 16 Jan 2006

click here duplicate.

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