Help please - going crazy with frustration

  Chris Goulden 12:33 17 Jun 2018

I have a problem with my Toshiba PC monitor, when it's switched off a grey patch appears - it isn't visible when I'm using it but when it's off it is and looks awful. Can anyone advise me as to why this is happening.

  KEITH 1955 14:39 17 Jun 2018

this is a bit yucky but I will ask anyway have you sneezed and got something on the screen.

on a more serious note have you cleaned the screen with something and taken the shine off the screens panel.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:44 17 Jun 2018

...........when it's switched off a grey patch appears............

If it's coming and going then it's almost certainly condensation. Leaving the monitor on full brightness for a full day should fix it.

  Forum Editor 07:55 18 Jun 2018

Moisture on the inside of an LCD screen will usually be visible when the screen is switched on, as well as when it's off. Such patches will gradually disappear if the monitor is kept in a warm environment.

If that hasn't happened after a couple of days, the problem is not moisture.

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