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Help please to get laptop back on wireless

  jacobjohn7 13:20 18 Nov 2009

I had wireless connection via a card bus in the laptop, it is now trying to find connection, please could someone tell me how what and where I find and put the codes to get me back on.

  tullie 13:38 18 Nov 2009

Ive got no doubt that someone will help,if you give them more info such as ISP,Router,Operating System etc.Have you previously had a connection,and what have you tried so far?

  jacobjohn7 16:44 18 Nov 2009

Thanks for that tullie, comments like the last one from AMBRA does not help. It only causes anger OK. There is no such thing as a stupid question, if you go on a forum seeking help with a problem then the question is presented, if you are not going to be a nice person AMBRA, then please do not answer.

  jacobjohn7 16:47 18 Nov 2009

My ISP is AOL. I have previously had a connection on the laptop. The wireless facility has stopped working, my AOL connection on my main comp is fine, the router on this comp is NETGEAR ADSL Modem Router. Hope this helps someone provide an helpful response. Cheers

  jacobjohn7 18:29 19 Nov 2009

cheers fatboy and kev.
it is ticked. got my WEP code from this though, which is what i might need to get the lap back on.

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