help - please dear god - help!

  alexgray104 20:51 09 May 2006

Using the system processes check seen on another thread i have identified that lsass.exe is a trojan running on my system. But - It won't let me end it! It says it is critical to system running and task manager cannot end it. How do i end it????? Many Thanks

  VoG II 20:54 09 May 2006

Calm down! click here

  Jackcoms 20:55 09 May 2006

I'm not sure that God is a member of this Forum.

However, click here=

  ade.h 20:55 09 May 2006

What makes you think that it's not genuine? There are a couple of possibilities; does it have an incorrect path (click here) or does it have an extra s?

It can be genuine.

  alexgray104 21:02 09 May 2006

Sorry, get a bit worked up with viruses - nasty horrible smelly things! Anyways, thanks for the reply!

  Totally-braindead 21:02 09 May 2006

Do you feel calmer now? Perhaps next time you start a posting something like Trojan help needed or Is Isass a virus or something similar might be a more helpful title.

Mind you alexgray104 I must admit your title did get quick attention.

  alexgray104 21:04 09 May 2006

lol spose it did - will be a little more thoughtful in the future methinks.

  beynac 21:05 09 May 2006

In Windows XP it should be in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. If it's in there, it is OK. Elsewhere, there could be a problem.

As they say - what's important is "location, location, location". ;)

  Stuartli 22:09 09 May 2006

The difference is Isass.exe and isass.exe - Isass.exe is OK, it's the latter that is a problem.

  ade.h 22:18 09 May 2006

It's a lowercase L, not an uppercase I. The best way to be sure is to organise your tasklist alphabetically if you have any services that begin with J or K. Without Js or Ks, it could be seen as an I. The lowercase i is indeed malware, so look out for it. A lowercase l is okay as long as the path is correct and it is spelled lsass.exe rather than lsasss.exe. The extra s indicates the Sasser worm.

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