Help please with cpu & mem settings on A7N8X mobo!

  wyatt earp 15:39 07 Feb 2004

Hi all, i have just built my first pc and to be sure i would like your advice as to the following settings please - are they correct?
Perhaps someone can advise?
Mobo is asus z7n8x- deluxe with athlon XP2800 barton 333mhz fsb. Memory is one stick of crucial 512MB DDR PC3200.
cpu external freq. = 166mhz
cpu frequency multiple setting = Auto
cpu frequency multiple = 12.5X
system performance = optimal
cpu interface = optimal
memory frequency by spd
resulting frequency = 200mhz

Secondly, what difference would it make to the performance of the pc to have another 512mb of memory to enable the dual channel memory, and would it need any further bios changes to enable it once it was fitted?

Thanks again in anticipation.
Wyatt Earp

  wyatt earp 15:41 07 Feb 2004

The mobo is an asus A7N8X - sorry too much haste in typing!

  alan227 16:51 07 Feb 2004

Your fsb & multiplier are correct.

click here

  wyatt earp 16:55 07 Feb 2004

good link, very helpful.

Any thoughts on whether i should do anything about the memory aspect of my post?

  Ironman556 17:14 07 Feb 2004

If you get another 512 MB memory module you can slot it in and dual DDR will be enabled automatically. Can't remember how it works but it effectively doubles the RAM bandwith! The modules need to be matched in size, and ideally matched in speed of chips (hence the stupidly expensive double packs you can get which are tested to match the RAM). I made do with two 512MB Crucial modules, works great for me. If you're after another 512MB buy the same type from Crucial again and they should be quite well matched.

If you want visual confirmation that the dual ddr is activated you'll need to update the BIOS.

Have fun you've got a great system there ;-)

  wyatt earp 17:26 07 Feb 2004

Thanks a lot. I did some research on mobo's, processors and memory etc. and i am pleased i have a good setup.
perhaps next bonus cheque i can get more memory.

  Ivor_Monkey 18:40 07 Feb 2004

could you please provide further details about your system, such as type of box, fan, psu, where you got the bits from and cost? And of course how long it took to build? The spec is something that I'd be interested in. Thanks

  wyatt earp 09:09 08 Feb 2004

Sorry for the delay - here goes;
Amd athlon xp2800 barton processor, Asus A7N8X deluxe skt A mobo, Crucial CT6464Z40BA 512Mb pc3200 memory, 2 X Seagate Barracuda 80gb drives,
superflower SF-461t2 case & superflower 470w power supply,samsung dvd & separate cd-rw drives,
a used hercules 3d prophet III 64mb graphics card. Other bits and pieces i already had.
Most purchased from ebuyer for little over £400.

Time to build and load software, with a second opinion from my brother,6 hours.

My software was pretty much up to date so i thought that building my own pc was best option.

Hope this is of use to you. Any problems you encounter can almost always be resolved by folks
on this board. (they are very good!!)

Regards Wyatt

  Ironman556 01:27 09 Feb 2004

Almost the same, even down to the hard, cd-rw & DVD drives. But I only have one Seagate SATA 80 GB drive. I went higher on the graphics card with a 128 MB Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro (only worth it if you're really willing to pay that much for gaming, the Prophet is more than enough for all but a few games to run smoothly in high res, and for all the multimedia tasks.) My case is an Enermax Rainbow Verre+ from click here, and I swapped out the PSU for an Antec True Blue 480W. Also got a custom CPU heatsink/fan using the Zalman 5100Cu with an 80mm blue Coolermaster silent fan. 2 Akasa fans used as extractors.

CPU usually runs at 32 deg C and up to 46 deg C under high loads. M/B temp fairly stable around 29/30 deg C, went up to 32 Deg C during the hot points in the summer.

It's my first self build. Built and running in half a day, with guidance. As above the forum will solve just about any problem you could think of. System around £650, not including mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, speakers etc. (Wich can be picked up pretty cheaply anyway if you don't have them already)

I used:

Aria, click here

Kustom, click here

Ebuyer, click here

Overclockers, click here

and Anweb PC's, click here


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