Help Please, Can somebody tell me of a free Firewa

  Green 1 02:05 26 May 2006

I am about to go onto broad band and I think I will need a Firewall, Can any of you good people tell me of one that may be free that I can download, I`m not very techie so an aesy one to understand would be good for me. Many thanks to anybody who replies.

  beeuuem 02:26 26 May 2006

If you are using XP it has a built in firewall.
Free firewalls are available from click here or click here or click here
click here
"If you're looking for the free Kerio Firewall or a replacement for the Sygate firewall, you have found the right page. Just like the original, the Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall will keep working after the first 30 days, but in basic mode."

Personally I like Outpost, found it easy to use and did buy it after using the free version for some years.

  Green 1 00:34 27 May 2006

Many thanks Beeuuem for the reply you have helped me a lot, I don`t have XP I`m on 98 still, but once again many thanks for the links.

  [DELETED] 08:00 27 May 2006

If you are running W98 you MUST use a Firewall. You should also use an Anti-Virus programme like Avast or AVG and a malicious software program like Spybot (Google search for them). They all offer free programs with free updates - look for the free editions.

I use Comodo as a source click here and they have free firewalls, free anti virus etc. Take a look.

  Andsome 08:52 27 May 2006

Zone Alarm provide an excellent free Firewall. If you ever install XP, disable the Windows firewall and install Zone Alarm. Windows firewall is cheap and nasty as far as most people are concerned. It only works one way.

  [DELETED] 09:07 27 May 2006

I think on this there are no "musts" about anything and, at the end of the day it is personal choice and preference;however, I think most folks would agree that you do need to protect your pc in some whay by having proper antivirus protection;win 98 (and 98 se which is my version) does not have a firewall inbuilt in the program; however, you need to decide if a firewall is what you want , not what anyone tells you you must have :)

  johnnyrocker 09:59 27 May 2006

my preference is sygate which has run very well for a long time since i ditched ZA because of continual probs.


  Madrat 15:12 27 May 2006

Zone Alarm every time never had a problem with it
Avg is a good anti virus and they are both free

  cowgirl66 15:20 27 May 2006

AntiVir is another one; I use it and it's free, it's updates automatically.

Just thought I'd mention it to give it a piece of the action!

  cowgirl66 15:21 27 May 2006

P.S It's on the website.

  Green 1 00:29 28 May 2006

Perhaps I should have said that I do have an anti-virus, I have Mcafee, I also have Adaware, Spywareguard and Spybot search and destroy. But from what p;3 has said I take it that perhaps a Firewall is not that needed, though I feel I would worry too much about something going wrong and would get one. Once again many thanks to you all for the help, I feel that I may need more help to set up the firewall when I get it installed, I`m pretty useless at these things.

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