Help please advice needed gaming pc!

  chrisjonno 13:31 19 Aug 2013

hi guys and girls, dont know much about pc gaming but i have found this tower and want to know what games i can expect to play on it, and is it worth the price £360 please help as i dont know what much of this means.

· AMD Bulldozer FX 4100 running at 4.0Ghz Quad Core Processor / CPU · 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM · AMD / ATi HD7750 Graphics Card With 1GB Dedicated DDR3 Graphics Memory · 1TB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive · CD / DVD-RW Optical Disc Drive · MSI 760GM-P21-(FX) uATX Motherboard (Full specifications of this board can be found here) · Galaxy Bubble Desktop PC Gaming Case · Fast Ethernet 10 / 100 LAN Port · 6 X High Speed USB 2.0 Ports on Back Plus 2 On Front · 8 Channel HD Audio · 4 X SATA II 3GB/s Ports · 1 X PCI Express X16 Slot · 1 X PCI Express X1 Slot · 1 X PCI Slot · 2 X PS/2 Port (For Keyboard / Mouse) · 1 X VGA Port · 1 x DVI Port · 1 x HDMI Port (With Audio) · Dual Monitor Support · UK Mains Cable Included · All Relevant Driver Discs & Manuals Included · PLEASE NOTE: An Operating System is not included with this PC

  Chronos the 2nd 13:55 19 Aug 2013

Not the greatest graphics card but dependant on what games you want to play and the size of your monitor then it should be fine at medium/ possibly high settings.

Is this a private buy or from a retailer?

  chrisjonno 14:40 19 Aug 2013

its a prebuilt =( just wanted an idea of what i could get for price. i.e £400 what should i invest in =)

  chrisjonno 14:40 19 Aug 2013

also ive had some critisicm for the cpu?

  Chronos the 2nd 15:55 19 Aug 2013

Who are you buying from?

Again you have not mentioned what type of games you play?

  chrisjonno 08:26 20 Aug 2013

yeh that is the pc but im not gonna get that think im gonna self build and go for a 6300cpu, but still im very nooby at this as im mainly a console gamer, but want to play WOW, minecraft, 7 days to die and probally want to be able to buy most games without worrying, so any ideas or good advice is welcome =)

  Chronos the 2nd 08:42 20 Aug 2013

Your budget of 400 quid is very tight for a gaming rig and I do not think that you will be able to any better than the PC you have mentioned not forgetting that you will need to add £70+ for an operating system on top.

But let me give it a little thought and I will post back if I can come up with a decent alternative.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:46 20 Aug 2013

Try this:


Add Windows 7 for another 75 quid and you have reasonable rig.

  chrisjonno 09:03 21 Aug 2013

Thanks chronus i planned this what do you think as i want it to play well and not feel budget.

click here

i have been told ive got too much ram? is this true? and will the power supply be enough and as always thanks for the help any advice would be appreciated

  Chronos the 2nd 10:21 21 Aug 2013

Definitely halve the RAM as it is unlikely that you will ever get remotely close to using any more than 8GB.

I would advise a minimum of 500W for your PSU but 550W would be better and do not buy a cheapo PSU always buy a decent brand as you will get the quality and power consistency modern components need.

I notice your selection is priced in dollars,I take it you are not in the UK?

  chrisjonno 10:43 21 Aug 2013

yeh i am in uk, but that was a website i found so used it to make sure they were compatable, just some advice then is the graphics card ok? and will i need a sound card?

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