help please

  cassf1 19:56 10 Aug 2008

hi i have just hoovered out my pc was thick of dust and sounding bad but seem to have broke something think ive unplugged cpu but clipped back in now comp lights up but wont do anything

  woodchip 20:03 10 Aug 2008

how do you know its the cpu? it will not come out with just a knock. there is a lever at the side of cpu this would have to be lifted, something you may not be able to do with the heatsink in place. So I guess you have ether pulled a plug out or moved a card in a slot. turn the power of at the wall plug then make sure that all the cards and plugs are pushed fully in. No need to go mad as you can crack the main board by pressing too hard. Keep you fingers away from all electronic contacts

  skidzy 21:24 10 Aug 2008

" ive unplugged cpu but clipped back in now comp lights up but wont do anything "

If you have removed the cpu,check you have replaced it in its correct position.

Check your vga (monitor connection also) Woody says,check all connections again.

Hi Woody,
its wrapped and packed and will be off in the morning.

  gobuddygo 21:29 10 Aug 2008

dude you seriously need to be wild with the vacuum to do any loosening of cables

  cassf1 21:31 10 Aug 2008

cheers mate lifted this lever and plugged in works fine now had to remove the heat stack in order to do this could you tell me if i need to put new paste or what ever it is back on now once again cheers

  Legolas 21:34 10 Aug 2008

It would be advisable to put fresh paste on or the CPU might overheat

  cassf1 21:37 10 Aug 2008

cheers for the advice dont know much about pc's is this just standard paste or does it have to be a special paste ?? im guessing you can just buy this from any good computer store

  woodchip 22:27 10 Aug 2008

thermal paste from maplins, or any good electronics shop pcworld may have some

  Leecher 23:50 10 Aug 2008

pc world does sell thermal paste, instructions are normally on it, just be careful when handling your processor.

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