Help! With playing digi pics (on vcd)

  AJJK 09:38 08 Nov 2003

I recently purchased a cdrw so I could store all my digital pictures on cd , I managed to burn all my pics onto a cd (NERO) which was suprisingly easy....however when I came to play the disc on my DVD it played ok and reconised it as a VCD but only in black and white......I have no NTSC function on my TV or DVD, and have been advised this is the reason this true??

Please help


  MichelleC 11:21 08 Nov 2003

I can't see why not having the read (USA) ntsc function would affect it. Have a look here click here which is the bible of dvd/cd making.

  pl 11:31 08 Nov 2003

I had the same problem. Turned out to be that I was on the Wrong AV Channel on my TV.

  AJJK 12:38 08 Nov 2003

tried all av channels with no joy ...and cant seem to get the page i need on that website .......i'll try from home later !

do you know if you can burn vcd's in pal using nero 6?

thnx in advance AK

  MichelleC 15:35 08 Nov 2003

You can with Nero Express, but not sure about Nero.

  AJJK 17:59 08 Nov 2003

Michelle it seems to be nero express that i have but i cannot find the option to choose pal anywhere....can u help?????

thanx AK

  MichelleC 19:05 09 Nov 2003

I could be off-mark with solving your prob but as far as I know Pal & NTSC don't matter with mpeg, it's only avi which necesitates that conversion to read. So your lack of colour could be something else.

  pl 19:09 09 Nov 2003

Does your DVD Player Play DVDS in colour?

  lindyloo4 19:46 09 Nov 2003

Don't know if this has anything to do with it but are your pics jpeg? I purchased a DVD player on Friday. It specifies that it plays jpeg. I put my photo backup CD in just to see what happened because the photos are in different folders not individual pics or a slideshow.

It opened the folders and played them all in colour as a slideshow. I can also open the individual folders and play those separately.

I used EasyCD to make the backup disc doing nothing special other than saving them to CD rather than a floppy.

My Player instructions book states all files must be extended by 'JPG', 'jpg', 'JPEG', or 'jpeg'
and compressed in format 4:2:2 or 4:2:0.

Don't ask me what compressed format is ! I must just have been lucky.

Hope this is of some use.


  john-232317 21:34 09 Nov 2003

Check scart lead is in properly, i watched a film in a crap green tinge, till i found out the lead was loose....senior moment !

  Rtus 22:20 09 Nov 2003

are these pictures downloaded from cam corder or digital camera to your computer before using nero?

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