Help with PCI Express Graphics Card Purchase

  Giggle n' Bits 23:08 04 Apr 2006

I have a ViewSonic 19" TFT Screen and looking to by a PCI Express card for my Motherboard Gigabyte GA-k8n Pro SLI Motherboard.

I am not into games that much the odd game of Flight simm maybe in the future or Golf but need good quality graphics for lots of Text work & internet. Oh and don't thing I will be going the SLi route

From reading around the forums and magazine reviews Inno3D 256MB which apparently has 24 Pixel Pipe lines.

For a good grapchis card money not really a problem as long as I get a good card what do I need to look for to match to my screen and style of work.

Only put off with cards is Fans from past expiierence they get noisey and fail is there any good Silent pipe ones.

i have looked also online but current cards reviews are not many.

  Totally-braindead 23:32 04 Apr 2006

You mention the Inno3D 256MB card, but which one? They do many different cards quite a few with 256MB.

It really depends how much you are willing to pay, for the likes of the Microsoft flight sims you don't need to spend a huge amount on a top of the line card.

Could you perhaps give some idea of a budget? The Nvidia 6600GT is good and its just under the £100 mark, I've just got a XFX 7600 GS which has no fan, I got it to replace my 6600GT which failed, slightly more pricey by about a fiver but it has no fan just a mega heat sink. I've only had it a week and its good, haven't had to try the overclocking yet (its built in by the way as I would never try it otherwise) but I do have concerns about the temperature. On heavy load it reaches 95 degrees, never goes above that and from what I have read it is normal for this card, its about 10% better than the 6600GT in tests. Links 6600GT click here the 7600GS click here thats what I now have and a slightly cheaper one click here

  Totally-braindead 23:38 04 Apr 2006

Prices have changed a bit so I'm a bit off with the fiver dearer thing. I have to say theres many cheaper cards that would do you but it depends how much you are willing to spend. Such as this click here or even this click here

  Giggle n' Bits 23:58 04 Apr 2006


Would go upto about £250 - £275 if need be prefer to have more punch than not enough.
I was thinking about the Inno34 256Mb in the PCPro A List and the Gainward in the PCA charts so many to choose from.

Thanks for them links going reading them now, just got to do some Ebay stuff.

  User-312386 00:21 05 Apr 2006

click here if you want power and performance

The latest PCI-E card for good money, it has 24 pixel pipelines and will eat games for years to come

  Totally-braindead 00:23 05 Apr 2006

Not trying to be funny here but if you're not into games then I see no real point in soending that amount of money. A cheap £50 graphics card will do internet, photos, word processing, spreadsheets even video editing to a certain degree. I mean the Gainward card you mention is a brilliant card don't get me wrong but I'm into games and I just couldn't afford it.

If all you use it for is what you mention in your original posting you could get everything you want from a card thats a third of the price.

Have a wee look here for some reviews but bear in mind they are testing them for things that need high powered graphics ie games click here

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