help pc wizards con

  hubdean 08:54 10 Nov 2013

hi yes like a fool i got coned by pc wizards. They rang up to say my computer was reporting error. Thinking there was something wrong like a fool i let them take over my computer. Any way it ended up costing me £29 for a trial 1 month. looking them up on the net i found they are scamers. Shit. so when they came to get the £29 from my bank there was nothing in for them to take. they have my bank card details which im changing before theres any money in my account. also reformated my computer to get rid of any software they put on. as i gave them my details can you tell me if they can make me pay. My wife is getting phone calls from funny tel numbers while im at work asking for me. we know its from pc wizard. its makeing me feel ill and thinking of going to the police . i know how silly i been. help please. mick Please warn everyone if they get a phone call saying windows is repoting ERROR. just hang up.

  bumpkin 14:34 19 Nov 2013

Number one thing to do is contact your bank and explain.

  lotvic 15:48 19 Nov 2013

rosso123, It's best to start your own Thread as everytime someone replies to your problem the OP 'hubdean' will get an email notification...

Click on ASK A QUESTION and give us the full details of what you see on your Desktop screen, which Remote Viewer program they got you to install (it's prob that that asking for a password to connect).

Also give details of your op sys and pc.

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