help pc wizards con

  hubdean 08:54 10 Nov 2013

hi yes like a fool i got coned by pc wizards. They rang up to say my computer was reporting error. Thinking there was something wrong like a fool i let them take over my computer. Any way it ended up costing me £29 for a trial 1 month. looking them up on the net i found they are scamers. Shit. so when they came to get the £29 from my bank there was nothing in for them to take. they have my bank card details which im changing before theres any money in my account. also reformated my computer to get rid of any software they put on. as i gave them my details can you tell me if they can make me pay. My wife is getting phone calls from funny tel numbers while im at work asking for me. we know its from pc wizard. its makeing me feel ill and thinking of going to the police . i know how silly i been. help please. mick Please warn everyone if they get a phone call saying windows is repoting ERROR. just hang up.

  BRYNIT 09:39 10 Nov 2013

Don't just leave it because you don't have any money in your account contact your bank and cancel the payments. If you do not have the funds you may be charged by the bank and end up paying more.

  hubdean 09:45 10 Nov 2013

thank you for your reply The payment was to be taken out last monday. but nothing was taken out. the money was there. thank you but no money there now made sure of that thanks

  hubdean 10:07 10 Nov 2013

To everyone who reads this. please tell your friends and everyone who is using a computer. That if they get a phone call saying windows is reporting error to hang up. even put it on the bottom of your emails. hope this helps someone,not to be conned. mick

  hubdean 10:21 10 Nov 2013

Thanks for that mick

  hubdean 12:05 10 Nov 2013

hi all i think what im asking is. now i know its a scam and have not paid them.(no money in account) Made sure my account is safe. and changed the card details i gave them can just tell them where to go? or do i need to do more mick

  martd7 13:42 10 Nov 2013

Cancel the card stops anymoney coming out,request a new card which ive had to do once before

  hubdean 14:01 10 Nov 2013

Hi mart7 Thanks for that i feel sick because of this. i did think it was ok at the time thats why i said yes, but when i found out it was a scam i stoped the payment. thank you for your reply i feel like im the bad guy?. Mick

  lotvic 14:15 10 Nov 2013

You are not the bad guy. You are the victim of a con. Hope you have stopped your Cards and told your Bank what happened and cancelled any payment.

Happens numerous times a day - Banks are used to dealing with these sort of conning thieving scammers and will ensure no payment can be claimed by them from your old or new Account. You should be able to ring your Banks Fraud Dept. to do the necessary.

  hubdean 14:23 10 Nov 2013

Hi thanks for all the advice Taking note of it all

  martd7 14:36 10 Nov 2013

As lotvic says stop the card,

i found my bank couldnt stop the payment because i had given my details out,only way round it on their advice was to stop the card and request another,its not like stopping a direct debit or standing order

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