Help, pc problem... windows7/ wireless/

  portugal2812 17:35 09 Oct 2015

Hi guys. Pc have a problem. I have a Toshiba Sattelite a660-12x and a few days ago, after installing windows10, the network wouldnt enable. I tried everything, bios default settings, cmd commands to enable it, so many things... then I took it to an informatic shop, so they could fix my pc. Well, they told me it was windows10 that was the problem and we had to downgrade to 7 again (the problem wasnt the wlan hardware cause they say they experience with another ano and same result). So I did. Same result of network not enabling. Then, I took pc over the shop again and one they later, they had fix the problem. Wireless is good again. Now, the problem is that after I use the pc a while, it just disconnects the internet (and the network button in windows bar stays on!), and if I go to network and sharing center, it doesnt open it, and lags the pc. Even the usb ports dont work after that. I can't shutdown the pc afterwards because it wont shutdown. It just says "Shutting down", or something and don't power off. I installed drivers, format the pc, everything. What could the problem be? PLEASE, help me.

  chub_tor 12:51 10 Oct 2015

Do you have a recovery partition on your laptop? You can usually access this by holding down the 0 key or the F12 key when booting up. Did you make a recovery disc when you first got the machine? If not you can buy one from Toshiba or from other sources.

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